One Line of Code Unlocks:

var Beamable = BeamContext.Default;

That's all that's needed to get the ability to build your own custom server logic via microservices along with a world of LiveOps tools and live services to build games in Unity and Unreal that players love.

Built on Beamable

Halbrick East Side Games

Build Games That Players Love

Get everything you need to give players a live gaming experience that will keep them coming back for years (not days).

LiveOps Portal

Web-based admin portal for all your LiveOps, customer support, and game management tasks.

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Developer SDKs

Fully-integrated tooling for Unity and Unreal with a flexible REST API to rapidly implement game features and content.

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Serverless Game Backend

Build a game server without needing to run a game server using simple C# scripting and a Mongo cloud datastore.

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Platform Features

Keep players coming back for more with live content like events, tournaments and leaderboards.

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Beamable: Recipient of an Epic MegaGrant for Unreal Engine

Beamable is the recipient of an Epic MegaGrant to accelerate development of our Unreal SDK to quickly add live game features via Blueprints.

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Download Our Technical Whitepaper

Learn how the game platform Beamable, with one line of code, enables integrated, full-stack LiveOps for your Unity or Unreal game.

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Here’s What Beamable Customers Are Saying

Of all the companies I've been in touch with, Beamable is one of the first companies to be so nice and open, and supportive, and it's really cool to see. I think that's one of the biggest things that gave me the motivation to go with Beamable.
Just van der Linde, Co-Founder, Knucklehead Studios
Beamable supports our ambition to provide regular content updates and live events for our players--and at a scale and frequency appropriate for a game based on a hit television show.
Jason Bailey, CEO, East Side Games Group
Beamable’s AWS integrated solution for LiveOps allowed Old Skull Games to implement important game infrastructure rapidly saving our team more time to focus on creating awesome player experiences.
Hervé Sohm, Chief Business Officer, Old Skull Games
Beamable enables live operations for our games with far more capital efficiency than building and maintaining our own Live Games platform.
Omar Abdelwahed, VP & Studio Head, East Side Games
I've never worked with a third party that's as available as Beamable. So that's incredibly nice to deal with. It's definitely worth it. This is unparalleled customer service, for sure.
Michael Jones, CEO & Founder, Daft Resolutions Studios

Ready to Start Building with Beamable?

Download one of our developer SDKs and give Beamable a try—let’s start bringing your game ideas to life.