5 Great Tutorial Channels to Up Your Unity Game Making

5 Great Tutorial Channels to Up Your Unity Game Making

There is a ton of content on YouTube to increase your game making skills when it comes to Unity3d. The team at Beamable has put together this short list of five (5) great channels you can investigate to learn all sorts of things about game development. These aren’t ranked in any specific order so give them all a look!

1. Brackeys


The whole purpose of the channel is to learn how to make video games! A tutorial is uploaded every Sunday. Check it out

2. Jonas Tyroller


A collection of powerfully simple videos to get you started! Check it out

3. All Things Game Dev


This channel provides a tour of some of the best Unity Asset store packs you can get to jump start your game dev process. Check it out

4. Sebastian Lague


Records a variety of programming challenges and tutorials to help you broaden your game dev horizons. Check it out

5. Makin’ Stuff Look Good



A more advanced look at shaders and how to get the most out of your game. Check it out

BONUS: The GDC Channel


You should be following the Game Developers Conference channel by default because there is such a large collection of amazing talks. Check it out

There you have it! If you have suggestions for other channels, let us know!

Social media photo by Leon Bublitz on Unsplash