Free to develop up to 100k API calls. Flexible subscription tiers for studios of all sizes. Enterprise plans for large projects. 3, 6, and 12 month payment discounts.

$ 0 / month

Try all the features of Beamable for free and see if it is a fit for your game project

  • LiveOps web portal with content tools, player CRM, and extensive game configuration
  • Unity SDK or Unreal SDK to rapidly implement game features and content in the Unity or Unreal IDE
  • Author game server features and logic in C# side by side with your client code
  • Self-Service support with online documentation, QA Forum, Discord chat
  • 100k API calls included
  • Single developer license
  • Up to 3 microservices included
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$ 10 / 1 million API calls

Flexible subscription tiers for professional teams of all sizes in development and at launch

  • Multiple tiers that cover different team sizes, funding status, microservice needs, custom reporting, and support
  • No contract required. Cancel or downgrade with 30 days notice.
  • Indie tier available for solo/small teams without revenue or funding
  • Discord support available, email support at mid tiers, private dev chat at higher tiers
  • See below to find the tier that works for you!
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Lock in Enterprise support, an SLA, and discounts for larger games

  • Reserve pricing discounts with a 12-month contract
  • Pre-payment options to unlock 8-15% of discounts
  • Roll forward unused API calls to cover overages month-to-month
  • Enterprise Support options that include weekly sync meetings and custom issue tracking
  • Enterprise SLA
  • LiveOps Monitoring
  • Email us your game MAU projections and launch timing to discuss discounts
  • We also offer a single-tenant option
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Beamable Subscriptions

Free up to 100k API calls per month. Multiple tiers available as your needs and game scale. API calls are billed at $10 per 1M above the included calls.

API Calls Included

# of API calls you get with your plan. Additional calls are $10 per 1M

Developer Seats

The number of simultaneous accounts that can access your environments


The number of C# Microservice instances you can run on your account

































Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to run my game on Beamable?

Beamable costs are based on subscription tier and API usage. At each tier, you get a number of API calls included. When you go above that number you pay a charge for every 1M calls above your included amount. For all plans without an annual commitment, you pay $10 per 1M API calls above your included amount. To calculate how much your game might cost, take the total projected MAU of your game and multiply that by 1,800 (which is the average number of calls games running on Beamable make). This will give you your total API calls. Divide that number by 1M. This gives you the total number of "packages" of API calls. Multiply that number by $10 and that is your rough estimate of the monthly cost. Here is an example:

  • MAU = 50,000
  • 50,000 x 1,800 calls per MAU is 90,000,000 API calls per month
  • 90,000,000 / 1M =  90 API packages
  • 100 * $10 per 1M = $900 a month for Beamable
  • You should expect to spend 5-8% of your game expenses on game server infrastructure.
Depending on how you implement Beamable or how engaged your players are, it could cost more or less than that, but this is our platform average.

How is my bill calculated each month?

There are five steps to calculate your monthly Beamable bill:

  1. We total up all the API calls that are made across all realms in your customer account.
  2. We subtract the number of calls that are included in your subscription or Enterprise plan
  3. We divide the remaining calls by 1M and round up to the closest 1M package.
  4. We multiply that by the overage charge to get your total amount (Tier + overage)
  5. We invoice you at the end of the month for the tier and any overage.
A week before the end of the month, we look at your current tier and we check the number of API calls, the dev seats you are using and the number of microservices you are using. If those numbers are higher than what is granted in your tier, we will notify you that your tier will be upgraded at the end of the month and you will pay the new tier price. You have 3 days to reduce utilization or you will receive an invoice at the higher tier. If you are using more dev seats or microservices than is granted at your tier, we will confirm if you'd like to pay for those separately or upgrade to the next tier. In all cases, the customer success team will work closely, honestly, and transparently with you about how to maximize your value on Beamable.

How are API calls counted?

Beamable operates on a usage-based model so that you can have predictability and total control over your costs. We charge for all API calls that you have control over and make to Beamable managed services, whether they originate from the end-user app, a custom game server, or a custom C# Microservice. We do not charge for any API calls which Beamable makes implicitly, or extra hops made by Beamable managed services (e.g. events service calls to leaderboards, or how the chat system will query groups for membership). You can always request full detail of your calls by emailing and making the request by providing your CID (org ID) number and the date range.

Explain the Free tier subscription

Beamable is free to use for game development up to 100,000 API calls per month. This should be plenty for any individual developer to conduct a full feature analysis of Beamable and decide if it will work for a commercial project. At the free tier, you get a single developer license, three instances of a microservice to learn about our serverless game tech, and Discord support. As you scale your game development and you cross the monthly API amount or want to move into actual development, our customer success team will reach out to move you up to the Indie, Dev, or higher tiers based on your needs.

Explain the Indie tier subscription

Beamable offers the Indie subscription tier for any game developers that do not have any funding or any revenue. The Indie tier is to empower small independent dev teams to build and launch small games on Beamable at an economical price. At the Indie Tier, you get up to 3M API calls per month, 3 developer seats, and 3 C#Microservice instances across all realms. Additional seats and microservices can be purchased for $30 each, or you can upgrade to a higher tier (like Dev or Studio).

Explain the Dev and Studio tier subscriptions

Dev and Studio tiers are for small and commercial game teams building and launching a small to mid-sized game on Beamable. Dev tier is $100 per month and covers up to 10M calls, 3 dev seats, and 3 microservices. Studio tier is $200 per month and covers up to 20M calls, 10 dev seats and 9 microservices. With Dev and Studio tiers you calso get access to email support for any implementation questions and issues.

Explain the Reporting tier subscription

Beamable offers direct access to an Athena database to run custom queries against player and game analytics events. You can learn more about Beamable analytics and custom queries at: To have access to an Athena login, you need to subscribe to the Reporting tier for $300 per month. This subscription also gets you 30M API calls per month, 10 dev seats and 9 microservices.

Explain the Pro and Pro Plus tier subscriptions

The Pro and Pro Plus tier subscriptions are for commercial teams building mid-size to larger games on Beamable. The Pro tier is $600 per month and comes with 60M API calls per month, 20 developer seats, and 18 microservices. Pro Plus comes with 100M API calls per month, 30 developer seats, and 27 microservices. Both tiers come with enhanced support that includes a private Slack/Discord chat room with the Beamable engineering team.

Explain the Enterprise pricing options

Above the subscription tiers, there is an Enterprise pricing option for Beamable. Enterprise pricing allows you to "reserve" a number of API calls per month and commit to those API calls for 12 months in exchange for the ability to roll any unused calls forward month to month and receive discounts on overages. All Enterprise Reserve contracts come with additional enterprise support that includes weekly customer success meetings, service desk issue tracking, technical working sessions, and service level agreement (SLA) guarantee with outage credits. For more information about Enterprise plan pricing, please contact us to discuss your project.

Do I need a contract to use Beamable?

If you sign up to try Beamable for free, you do not need a contract. You agree to use Beamable for free under our terms of use and privacy agreements. If you want to launch a game in production on Beamable or make use of resource beyond what is allowed at the free tier, a Beamable customer representative will reach out to use to discuss activating a subscription plan. You will be asked to sign a subscription agreement and will receive an invoice that you can pay via credit card or bank transfer each month. If you would like to setup an Enterprise plan with API commitments and discounts, you will need a 12 month contract. Please contact us to discuss your project.

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