Free to develop, only pay for what you use at launch!

$ 0 / month

Build with Beamable and see how it can help your game project

  • Unity SDK with feature Prefabs
  • Admin web portal with game and player tools
  • Self-Service support with online documentation, QA Forum, Discord chat
  • Rate Limited API calls
  • Optional PRO Support $200/month for high-priority engineering chat, technical work sessions
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$ 30 / 10 million API calls

When you game is ready to go, pay for only what you use with API pricing

  • $0.000003 per API call
  • Free under 500 Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • No Rate Limiting
  • Powerful Unity-integrated content management for liveops
  • Optional PRO Support $600/month for high-priority engineering chat, technical work sessions, weekly project syncs
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Flexible pricing available for larger games. to ensure a long term partnership

  • Rev share, MAU-based, and flat-fee options to reduce your cost on massive games
  • Amazon AWS Marketplace offering available
  • Commitment-based discounts available
  • Dedicated Infrastructure Available
  • PRO Support Included
  • LiveOps Monitoring Available
  • Roadmap Priority Consideration
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What will it cost me?

Here are estimates based on common DAU sizes of a game. This assumes broad use of a number of Beamable systems at a rate of 7,500 average API calls per MAU.


Daily Active Users of Your Game


Monthly Active Users based on a 3x DAU ratio

Total API Calls

The number of average calls you can expect to make to Beamable for a game this size using social and commerce features.





















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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beamable completely free for development?

Yes. If you want to try Beamable, you can download the Unity Package for free and use all the features to develop your game. You can get support via Discord or our online documentation. When you are ready to launch your game, you will pay usage-based pricing of $0.000003 per API call (~$30 per 10 million calls).

How does the API usage-based pricing work?

We charge $0.000003 for each API calls your game makes in a month. We provide a table above to estimate how many API calls your game might make and the general cost. We also offer 500 free MAU so that you can launch a game and experiment without having to really pay anything. If you go over 500 MAU, we will charge you for the API calls of ALL MAU that month.

Can I see how many API calls my game is making?

Yes, from the game admin portal you will be able to see the number of calls your game is making and optimize to keep them as low as possible.

How accurate are the API estimates you provide for different game sizes?

The number of API calls a game makes depends highly on the features that are used and the implementation of those features. In general, a game using social and commerce features will do 800 API calls per DAU. This could vary greatly depending on your game and Beamable will work with you to ensure that your API pricing ensures a long-term partnership with Beamable for years to come.

How can I lower my costs for my game at launch?

You can lower the cost of your game in two important ways by 1) reducing the number of API calls you make 2) Signing a commitment with Beamable in exchange for a lower per API cost.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Beamable is a pay-as-you-go charge based on the API traffic in any month. If your MAU drops below 500 MAU, we will not bill you that month. If you choose to sign an extended agreement, we can offer flexible pricing and discounts.

I have a special situation and would like to talk about the price

No problem! We offer a great deal of flexibility given your game, timeline, expected scale, and unique needs. Let's discuss your game!

What is PRO Support?

For $200 per month, while your game is in development, you will have access to private chat with our engineering and customer success team for high-priority support and questions. You can also schedule working sessions as the team is available. When your game launches, you can continue to receive PRO Support for $600 which also includes a service desk for ticket tracking and issue resolution.

What if I select PRO Support and change my mind later?

You can notify us that you would like to cancel your PRO Support and the cancellation takes affect the following month. You will then lose your PRO Support benefits and no longer be charged.

Available in the AWS Marketplace

Is your game studio running on AWS? Beamable is available as a SaaS offering in the AWS Marketplace to make it super easy to get up and running.

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Special pricing for education

Are you running a game education program? Are you on a student game team?
We have special pricing to help you train the next generation of game makers.

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