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Welcome to the Beamable Live Services marketplace!

By connecting live services modules that easily snap together like building blocks–game developers can easily compose powerful online games with all of the monetization, AI, payment systems, real-time multiplayer and other services they need… Without the usual headaches.

Beamable Live Services Marketplace

Each of these companies offers a package or custom microservice that integrates with Beamable and expands your game functionality. Some are available now, some are coming soon. Sign up to be notified when they launch!

Amplitude Integration

Forward your analytics events

Leverage Amplitude to build insights off your Beamable analytics events using our forwarding pipeline.

Common Sense Machines: Coder

Generate game server code

With Coder engine integration, developers at all levels of experience can author and publish Beamable micro-services for server-side game programming projects.


Multiplayer game server hosting, solved.

Edgegap’s “region-less” hosting orchestrates your game servers on the world’s largest edge network.

Goplay Integration

Rewards a gamer’s physical activity to motivate players to spend outside of your game.

Contact Goplay and learn how you can add new player motivation directly inside Beamable.


Web3 Non-Custodial Solutions

Halliday connects games to commerce. Our programmable ERC-4337 Smart Accounts are fully non-custodial, built to scale and designed specifically for games.

Hathora Cloud

Scalable dedicated servers

Hathora Cloud gives you access to scalable dedicated servers specifically designed for multiplayer games

Hero Trainer Integration

Health data connector

Connect user's health data into your game to refresh existing content and create new DLC.

idem Multiplayer Matchmaking API

Best-in-class matchmaking

Packed with rating and ranking systems, it covers everything you will need, whether you are just starting off building a multiplayer game or are a large studio looking for the best performance available.

Lamina1 Integration

Metaverse tooling

Lamina1 is a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the Open Metaverse — providing communities with infrastructure to build an immersive internet.

LAOS Network Integration

Blockchain minting at massive scale

LAOS Network integration is easiest way to mint huge numbers of assets and deploy them in Ethereum, Polygon, or any EVM chain – without paying native gas fees or risking network congestion.

Mixpanel Integration

Forward your analytics events

Leverage Mixpanel to build insights off your Beamable analytics events using our forwarding pipeline.

Photon Fusion

Add multiplayer networking to your project

Download a sample project to demonstrate how Beamable matchmaking, leaderboards, and more connect with Photon Fusion to create a compelling game solution.

Polygon Integration

Rapidly integrate Polygon blockchain tech

Deploy custom smart contracts, wallet integration, inventory interoperability in Beamable.

Scenario Integration

Generate game assets with AI

Use Scenario to generate art assets for your game and pipe them into Beamable content

Solana Integration

Rapidly integrate Solana blockchain tech

Download the Solana Beamable package and enable minting on the fly, wallet integration, and on-chain management.

Sui Integration

Rapidly add Sui to your game

Deploy Siu assets in your game. Easily associate player wallets.

Theta Network Integration

Rapidly add Theta assets to your game

Comes with everything you need to leverage wallets, NFTs, and smart contracts on chain

Thirdwave Wallet Intelligence

Wallet API Data Solutions

Dive deep into user behavior, fine-tune your app performance, and drive unprecedented user engagement

Unreal SDK

Work with Beamable inside Unreal Engine

Download the Unreal SDK and unlock the power of Beamable

Venly Integration

Access to over 13 different blockchains

Integrate with Venly for non-custodial wallets, player wallet authentication, access to over a dozen blockchains

ZBD plug-and-play API

An SDK that makes it easy for developers to incorporate real-time microtransactions, rewards, and payments into their games.


Get access to all of Beamable's features through Zenject's injection system. Super fast to set up, easy to use, and configurable to your Zenject preferences.

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