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Halbrick East Side Games

Built With Beamable


Meelfoy Games - Dogs Den

Dogs Den is a game made for the love of dogs. It is a unique mix between a pet shelter simulator with adorable companions to customize and an idle miner game where your management strengths will lead you to success in becoming the next pet shelter idle tycoon!

Craftiplays - Mystic Click

Click your way to victory in MysticClick, a new title from Craftiplays! Defeat enemies and level up to earn rewards. Engage in epic boss battles and compete against friends by climbing the leaderboards. MysticClick uses Beamable's identity, player stats, inventory, game economy, and leaderboard managed services.

NoPowerup builds Milk Farm Tycoon on Beamable

NoPowerup - Milk Farm Tycoon

Milk Farm Tycoon is an idle game build on Beamable leveraging the East Side Games IdleKit system. Build your milk empire today!

Lands of Magic built on Beamable

Craftiplays - Lands of Magic

Are you ready to become King of the Lands of Magic? Craftiplays has built a daring grinding game for mobile. It leverages many Beamable systems including analytics, content, inventory, commerce, and more! Check it out in an app store near you!

Tiny Tactics Christmas Match 3 built on Beamable

Tiny Tactics - Christmas Match 3

Christmas match 3 and puzzle game that uses Beamable for auth, leaderboards, commerce, and other social features!

Zena: Trial of the Gods built on Beamable

Sheepixel - Zena: Trial of the Gods

Zena: Trial of the Gods is a survival action game where you must save the villagers and defeat the monsters on each wave. It utilizes Beamable's identity and server-authoritative leaderboards service.

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Matching Madness built on Beamable

Tiny Tactics - Matching Madness

Swap, match & blast food items to win levels and start building your own restaurant in this delicious match 3 world! Built on Beamable making use of player stats, auth, groups, multiple custom microservices, and more!

Infinite Drive - A web3 Solana title built on Beamable

Tiny Digital Factory - Infinite Drive

Infinite Drive is a mobile-first NFT racing platform and car enthusiast's metaverse that allows you to collect cars from the most popular and prestigious brands, on SOLANA. It uses Beamable inventory, content, microservices, microstorage for custom leaderboards, and more!

Monster Splitter Built On Beamable

High Stone Games - Monster Splitter

A 2D shooter with farming elements. Uses Beamable inventory, content, player stats, and commerce features!

Skyworld VR built on Beamable

Vertigo Games - Skyworld VR

Vertigo Games chose Beamable for their Gamesparks Migration taking advantage of inventory, content, leaderboards, tournaments, and more!

The Wheel Quiz Show Game built on Beamable

Barnstorm - The Wheel

A official quiz show game based off the UK TV show makes use of Beamable content, inventory, account management and a number of custom C# Microservices.

Lucky Match built on Beamable

Rewardify - Lucky Match

Rewardify's second game to launch on Beamable utilizing the tournament system!

Super Pilot built on Beamable

Dopa Games - Super Pilot

Super Pilot is a F-Zero inspired arcade futuristic racer that lets you create, edit and share your tracks in the blink of an eye. It makes full use of Beamables custom microservices and microstorage!

GT Manager built on Beamable

Tiny Digital Factory - GT Manager

Tiny Digital Factory selected GT Manager for their GameSparks migration, heavily using the C#Microservices capability.

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Tiny Tactics - Fun Town

Tiny Tactics used Beamable for a Gamesparks migration of their popular Match-3 theme park title Fun Town, making use of player stats, auth, groups, multiple custom microservices, and more!

Reliance Games - Garbage Pail Kids

Reliance Games selected Beamable for their collectible card battle title Garbage Pail Kids. Collect, Battle, and Upgrade in this nostalgic mobile title.

CapPlay - Space Colonizers

CapPlay selected Beamable as the backend for their hit Idle game Space Colonizers.

WAX - Blockchain Brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers is a card game designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering. It runs on the WAX and Binance blockchains and utilizes Beamable for a range of game server features.

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NoPowerUp - Milk Farm Idle Tycoon

Check out Milk Farm Tycoon built on Beamable and IdleKit. Manage a farm and build the milk empire of your dreams. Utilizes Beamable inventory/commerce and many other features for 360 Player CRM, stats, history, and microservices.

Rewardify - Match to Win

A Match 3 game where you win cash rewards as you journey through the 300+ levels. The in-game coins can be redeemed for instant win scratchers and grand prize sweepstakes of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 and $5,000! Win rewards while playing a puzzle game you already love! Uses Beamable inventory, commerce, leaderboard, tournament systems.

Attack Wagon - Arcade

A number of arcade games built on the Beamable platform using identity, leaderboards, and player data. Use the cryptocurrency $ATK to play games and win!

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Game Masons - Mini Golf Idle Tycoon

Put down that putter and download Mini Golf: Idle Tycoon for free. Enter the fun and zany world of Grandpa Green’s Mini-Golf Course!

Rocky Towers

Meelfoy Games - Rocky Towers

Rocky Towers is a unique mix of puzzle and tower defense, combining brick removal and RPG elements in a game that is all about strategy and balance. Start your adventure today!

Truly Social Games - Roll For Adventure: Idle RPG

HAIL, TRAVELER! Join our heroes Brea, Omar, and Tinx on a series of hilarious adventures in this narrative-driven idle RPG from East Side Games!

Halfbrick - Monster Dash

Run and gun your way through hordes of zombies, vampires and more with the most explosive and powerful weapons you can find! Join Barry Steakfries in a world full of menacing monster mayhem! DASH as fast as you can SHOOT hordes of monsters JUMP over oncoming enemies YOUR MISSION Should you choose to accept, you must travel with Barry Steakfries and exterminate the monsters plaguing this universe.

Old Skull - Tiny Worlds

Tap blocks, ramp up from levels to levels and earn tons of coins in this prestige idle tycoon game system! Discover new lands in this well-made infinite casual idle game. Just sit back, relax, and let your mind drift through these worlds with cute monsters of this idle tycoon game. Demolition has never been so attractive in a clicker game! Your dragons are waiting for you to destroy everything in this dragon game! Love fun idle games to play? This new 2021 idle clicker game is epic!

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Shaggy Doge - Piggy Hunt

PIGGY: Hunt is a fast-paced survival horror multiplayer game. Survivors must work together to survive and escape from the Infected.

LDRLY - B-Real Monster Buds

With multiplayer connectivity, you’ll be able to grow the best buds with your best buds from Facebook! Earn rewards from each in-game event to boost your lab to the next level! As you level up you’ll unlock new rewards to achieve and events to explore.

East Side Games - The Office: Somehow We Manage

Manage and unlock your favorite characters from the U.S. version of The Office and save Dunder Mifflin in this idle game! Collect cards, in-game cash and Scottcoins!

Tap your way to record profits at Dunder Mifflin! Get down to business with Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Kelly Kapoor, Dwight Schrute, Stanley Hudson and your Scranton branch favorites and make some sales!

Gamestacy - Influenzer

Launching a game is highly competitive, and we’d rather invest our time and money in creating a great game rather than reinventing live game technology. Beamable helps us get to market faster, save money, and operate on a proven, scalable and reliable foundation.

PuzzleNation - Daily POP Crossword Puzzles

“PuzzleNation is using Beamable for a variety of app improvements. Development went much faster and more smoothly than if we had to build it from scratch. We're excited to be working with this tech and look forward to improving our apps even more!” - Fred Galpern, Game Director & Producer

East Side Games - Archer: Danger Phone

"Beamable supports our ambition to provide regular content updates and live events for our players--and at a scale and frequency appropriate for a game based on a hit television show such as Archer." - Jason Bailey, Co-Founder of East Side Games.

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Wicked Realm Games - Star Trek Timelines

Operated by Wicked Realm Games and published by Tilting Point, Star Trek Timelines has been played by millions of people across six app stores and continues to provide compelling experiences for Star Trek fans worldwide! Beamable provides the fully managed backend services and a range of LiveOps and content features.

Whatwapp - Skat: Online, Multiplayer Card Game

An online multiplayer card game popular around the world, created by Whatwapp Entertainment. This game makes heavy use of Beamable's relay server, matchmaking, tournaments, and C# Microservices.

Here's What Beamable Customers Are Saying

PuzzleNation is using Beamable for a variety of app improvements including identity and analytics. Development went much faster and more smoothly than if we had to build it from scratch. We're excited to be working with this tech and look forward to improving our apps even more!
Fred Galpern, Game Director, PuzzleNation
Ineffective monetization is the #1 reason games fail. That’s why we’re partnering with Beamable for the commerce and social tech.
Michael Hartman, CEO, Frogdice

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