Single-tenant option

Beamable Private Cloud

Beamable Private Cloud is a turn-key fully extensible backend solution to power your current and next-generation live games.

Your private version of Beamable comes with full setup, source code access, and both fully managed and self-managed options as well as co-development services to build and customize specific MMO/multiplayer/social systems for your game project needs.

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The power of Beamable, running on your servers

Scalable Backend

Beamable has seen over $100M of transactions to 10s of millions of MAU. Build your game and entrust the rest to Beamable Private Cloud.

White-Label Web Portal

Run a multi-game LiveOps web portal filled with everything you need to operate all of your games as a studio or publisher.

Unity + Unreal SDKs

Easily integrate your Beamable Private Cloud backend services with your game clients using game engine SDKs that follow integrated developer workflows.


We work with you to optimally setup Beamable on your infrastructure, train your team, and perform customization.

Source Code

You receive a source code license to Beamable that you can customize to meet your specific game server needs.

Your Infrastructure

Beamable runs in your cloud account providing security and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the setup process?

To get started with Beamable Private Cloud, the steps are:

  1. Scope and sign an Enterprise Beamable Private Cloud agreement.
  2. We install Beamable Private Cloud in your AWS cloud infrastructure account using Terraform scripts.
  3. You integrate Beamable Private Cloud into your game with an Unreal or Unity SDK or flexible REST API calls.
  4. We work with you to customize Beamable features with C# microservices and fully managed MongoDB storage powered by MongoDB Atlas.
  5. As your game scales, your infrastructure will auto-scale to match providing a stable experience for your players.
  6. Our Live Team is there every step of the way to support your needs.
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What is the cost of Beamable Private Cloud?

The cost to set up and operate Beamable private cloud are very specific to the size and scope of your game or multi-game publishing project. A standard Beamable Private Cloud agreement includes a monthly fee for setup, licensing, and management with a 12-24 month commitment plus an hourly cost for customization and co-development. Fill out the above form and we will reach out to schedule an initial evaluation and consultation.

What are the key components of Beamable Private Cloud?

  1. A Unity and Unreal SDK pointed at your private cloud API endpoint, which you can customize and modify.
  2. Beamable backend services, infrastructure, and CI tools deployed to an AWS account you own. Includes full source code.
  3. A Web Dashboard app deployed to your AWS account with deployment scripts and full source code for customizability and branding.
  4. Co-development support for key features and customizations.
  5. 24/7 LiveOps monitoring and uptime guarantees.

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