Innovate Your Game Like Never Before

Build custom functionality on top of Beamable without having to know anything about servers. Scale reliably—without worry—and fix your highly fragmented development stack. Customize Beamable to create anything you need and start innovating in new ways.

Why Go Serverless with Beamable?

Everyone knows why multiplayer games are great—they increase engagement, get more players and create many different streams for growth and revenue. But, when a multiplayer game is client authoritative, individuals will take advantage of that. When you utilize Beamable’s Serverless Game Backend your game becomes cheat-proof by giving you full control over your game server code all while preserving security, flexibility, and agility.

How Is Building Better with Beamable?

No Starting From Scratch

With Beamable you don’t have to invent (or reinvent) your backend as it is already built for you. And, it’s easy to extend the vanilla Beamable functionality with your own ideas.

Use the Tools You Love

No more struggling with low-rent, built-in IDEs with limited extensions. With Beamable you can author and debug code using the same tools, editors, and IDEs you’re used to.

Keep It All in Line

You can version source code using the standard tools of the job. Beamable makes it easy to maintain and build from a single source of truth—as nature intended.

How Is Deploying & Executing Better with Beamable?

Lower The Learning Curve

Would you rather spend your time coding or building a secure network? What about setting up a load balancer, or maintaining your Jenkins Pipeline? With Beamable, focus more on the game and less on the infrastructure.

More Flexibility

Your server authoritative code can be redeployed at any point, but your client cannot. With microservices, you can deploy code, like content, across environments and roll back at any time. No build process. No engineering coordination.

Work in The Cloud

You can execute flexible workloads in the cloud using whatever third-party services, drivers, or databases you need and monitor those services right from the portal complete with logs and auto-generated documentation.

“Coming from our experience at GameSparks and Amazon Gametech, Beamable is ticking all the boxes for us. The ability to set up the backend and write backend code from the editor is a hugely powerful feature in closing the development loop between frontend and backend. Developers are going to love this.”

Sean Durkan

Managing Director


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