Web3 Integration

Build a Web3 game with Beamable

With Beamable Microservices, game developers can unify all development with game, server, and partner systems under a single language (C#), implementing both off-chain and on-chain assets with a single game server interface and ensuring portability, extensibility, and complete QA/test and deployment control.

Why Web3 Gaming?

The next generation of Web3 game experiences will contain many of the building blocks that made Web2 live games successful—but also have added complexity of managing delegated on-chain assets. Game developers will need an interoperability layer to ensure their games can properly utilize and manage a combination of on-chain and off-chain content.

Beamable + Solana

As part of the Solana Games Kit, we're helping bring the high-performance, game-oriented blockchain of Solana to the Beamable platform. If you are interested in building a Web3 game on Solana, let us help you implement quickly and get your game into the hands of players.

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What you get with a Beamable Web3 Integration

With Beamable, you enable your game developer ecosystem to rapidly add social, commerce, content management, and Web3 integration to their games.

  • Allows Beamable users to login with their crypto wallet.
  • Wallets become associated with a Beamable account.
  • It is then possible to validate ownership of the wallet cryptographically on the server-side.
  • Declaratively specify your data domain so a game knows what are all of the things on the blockchain that are game specific.
  • Ability to define currencies (fungible), and items (non-fungible) on-chain and off-chain assets.
  • Ability to add meta-data with game-specific meaning to on-chain assets.
  • Create an interoperability layer between on-chain and off-chain player-owned assets.
  • Make it easy to designate a subset of Beamable items or currencies as federated to a specific blockchain.
  • This makes it easy to ask Beamable inventory for a game item or currency and the inventory system grants a standard interface for both on-chain and off-chain items.

Are you a blockchain platform or web3 game publisher?

Beamable can help onboard your developers by providing custom sample projects and documentation. Contact us now to learn more about how Beamable can help onboard your developers.