A Night At The Races Game Dev Interview

A Night At The Races Game Dev Interview

A Night At The Races, a point and click, action platformer.

In episode 9 of the Beamable Game Dev Podcast, I sit down with Umut the developer of A Night At The Races. The game hit the Switch eShop on Sept 3rd after being on PC. From the moment I fired up this game, I could tell it was something special. As Umut peels back the curtain on the story behind the game you will see why it’s so special. Learning about the early prototypes that he showed his friends, to finding himself in a dark place mentally, and how it shaped the final game.

A game within a game.

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This is a game within a game that does a great job of making you care for the main character. You play a part in helping the character get out of a bad situation by mastering a platforming game and trying to win a gaming tournament. Now, this isn’t your typical platformer because of Umut’s game dev history. A Night At The Races is a hybrid platformer that combines endless runner mechanics with platforming, and it just works.

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