B-Real Monster Buds from the creators at LDRLY.

B-Real Monster Buds from the creators at LDRLY.

Unleash your inner budpreneur in B-Real Monster Buds!

Soar higher than you’ve been before with the latest game from LDRLY. Grow your plants, make cash, and take the throne of the finest pot botanist around in B-Real Monster Buds.

breal monster buds .png

Multiplayer Connectivity

With multiplayer connectivity, you’ll be able to grow the best buds with your best buds from Facebook! Earn rewards from each in-game event to boost your lab to the next level! As you level up you’ll unlock new rewards to achieve and events to explore.

b real monster buds multiplayer.png

Exclusive Features

Hire and manage your crew and collect new cards and gain more customers! Grow insane strains and make insane cash by the gram! B-Real Monster Buds will have you explore the wild events of B-Real and his alter ego Dr. Greenthumb; as well as interact with the coolest game characters out there. B-Real Monster Buds is sure to take your breath away.

breal monster buds features.png

B-Real Monster Buds has dedicated customer support teams working closely with the players; LDRLY invites you to contact LDRLY directly through each game’s help function. More information about B-Real Monster Buds can be located here. All images were taken from LDRLY.