Beamable Announces Migration Kit for GameSparks Clients

Beamable Announces Migration Kit for GameSparks Clients

GameSparks is going offline in September 2022 and Beamable has been named an alternative by Amazon Web Services.

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August 11, 2021 – Beamable, an APN solution, and ISV Accelerate Partner, has been named a migration path for GameSparks clients in advance of the live game platform’s shutoff in September 2022.

Currently used by thousands of games globally, GameSparks is one of the leading backend-as-a-service providers in the video games sector. In this year’s AWS GDC keynote, it was announced that GameSparks will be going offline in September 2022 and game developers must find a replacement.

Beamable’s revolutionary developer workflow has been recognized by Amazon Web Services as a next-generation solution to live game services.

“Live operations have evolved beyond services. Today it is about freedom, flexibility, and workflow,” says Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable. “We are committed to providing GameSparks customers with continuity. And after upgrading to Beamable, our creator-centered workflow brings joy and productivity to live game operations. There are no new languages to learn or servers to manage. The workflow fits the way game studios really operate.”

To help game developers with the migration process, Beamable and their external solutions experts have created a nine-step process for game migration:

Beamable’s team of in-house experts and third-party migration partners, such as SuperNimbus, are available for consultations and custom strategy sessions to help make the transition process as seamless as possible for game developers. Sean Durkan the CEO of SuperNimbus adds:

“We are thrilled to partner with Beamable for GameSparks migrations. For Unity developers, the combination of their favorite engine and Beamable’s highly scalable backend is unmatched in accelerating development. SuperNimbus takes pride in pushing boundaries and based on experience, we have great confidence in Beamable.”

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