Beamable Announces Partnership with PopSQL

Beamable Announces Partnership with PopSQL

Use Athena access in Beamable to build custom dashboards for your game

March 28, 2022 – Boston, MA – Today Beamable is announcing a partnership withPopSQL, a leading collaborative SQL editor and business reporting platform for teams. This partnership allows game developers building on Beamable to implement custom dashboards using direct access to their game data stored in Athena. Any Beamable game studio that uses PopSQL can receive discounts on a paid plan:

  • 50% off Premium or Business for Beamable Indie teams (less than 2 years old, and fewer than 10 employees) for up to 1 year
  • 25% off Premium or Business for everyone else for up to 1 year

To claim the discount, any contact at a Beamable game studio can email or open up a ticket through the chat widget. Once your Beamable CID is verified, the discount will be applied to the account. 

Beamable is a gateway to powerful game server functionality, enabling player auth, rich game analytics, content management, player CRM, and much more with one line of code. Adding PopSQL allows game studios to build on top of default LiveOps portal telemetry by adding deep custom reporting. 

Paiman Vahdati, Head of Business Development at PopSQL, explained the value of the partnership, saying, “We are excited to partner with Beamable so that game developers can use Beamable’s deep analytics and our collaborative query and dashboard system to extract powerful and actionable insights for their games.” 

“It’s a partnership that makes so much sense,” explained Ali El Rhermoul, CTO of Beamable. He continued, “With PopSQL you can write queries, share them to your entire game team, and construct rich custom dashboards off the analytics events that Beamable automatically collects. You can see retention reports, DAU/MAU counts, installs, revenue, essentially all the important metrics you need to observe and orchestrate your game live operations.” 

To get access to your PopSQL discounts with Beamable, sign up for Beamable today,