Beamable Company Update: Saudi Arabia Game Jam

Beamable Company Update: Saudi Arabia Game Jam

Beamable is part of the Saudi Arabia Game Jam

Allister sits down with Josh in this week’s podcast to update us on Saudi Arabia Game Jam. The Game Jam Fast Art is happening May 12-14. The theme for this game jam is hyper-casual. Allister introduced Beamable to the teams via a live presentation, but most of the teams will be seeing it at a later date due to the time difference. Microservices were the main talking point of the presentation and how it’s so easy to implement into their game.

Get to know Beamable before you jam.

With more game jams on their way, we are encouraging jammers to try to jump into Beamable before jams start. It is free to use and you can implement a leader or multiplayer with very few lines of code.

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