Beamable Expands 2021 Funding to Over $10m to Accelerate Platform for Live Games

Beamable Expands 2021 Funding to Over $10m to Accelerate Platform for Live Games

Beamable has expanded its equity funding to over $10M

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Beamable has expanded its equity funding to over $10M. New investor Gutbrain Ventures joined a round led by Companyon Ventures and GrandBanks Capital, with participation from other current investors including Defy. Beamable provides game makers with the tools to deliver and continually optimize their live games with infrastructure, features, and content.

Beamable has significantly expanded its platform over the last year based on product input from over 1,000 game developers and the interactions of over 10 million players. The growing, globally-distributed team now has 41 people who have built a platform to make live games easy to build, operate and scale. Unity developers can drag-and-drop social features, virtual items and dynamic content updates to their games with simple, visual tools.

“Making a live game should be as easy as publishing a web page,” said Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable. “Although engines like Unity and Unreal have made it easier to author 3D experiences, the workflow and infrastructure to enable games with sophisticated economies and communities has lagged far behind. We empower game makers of all sizes to go directly from their imagination to a game of any scale.”

Beamable’s backend is based on microservices, an architecture used by some of the largest online companies including Shopify and Netflix. This architecture equips studios to rapidly scale to millions of active players while retaining a high degree of agility in their game design–without worrying about the high cost of ownership related to server engineering and DevOps.

“The best development platforms are built by teams who have deep domain experience,” said Bob Davoli, Managing Director at Gutbrain Ventures. “The Beamable team clearly understands the needs of game developers. We were impressed by how the company is creating an authentic culture of making game studios successful.”

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About Beamable

Beamable fights for the game makers of the world by helping them turn their game ideas into thriving businesses with a low-code, serverless Live Game platform. Beamable enables anyone who builds, updates, and maintains a live game to save time and earn more money. Beamable is a global, remote-first company led by a team of game-industry and enterprise-technology veterans, backed by investors including Companyon Ventures, GrandBanks Capital, Defy and Gutbrain Ventures. For more information visit

About Gutbrain Ventures

​​Gutbrain Ventures is an independent venture firm that invests primarily in software companies and has been making investments for thirty years. Gutbrain looks for passionate and driven founders with innovative and disruptive ideas. Managing Director Bob Davoli has appeared on the Forbes Midas List five times.