Beamable Free-to-Play Financial Model for your Game Forecast

Beamable Free-to-Play Financial Model for your Game Forecast

At Beamable, we are committed to fighting for the game makers. As such, we’ve pulled together a free-to-play (F2P) financial model to help you simulate the size of a business your game can generate with various levels of retention, ad spend and revenue per user calculations.

You can play with figures like ARPDAU (Average revenue per user), CPI (cost per install), various day retention levels, as well as your UA (User acquisition) spend. The Google Sheet will take those numbers and crunch out the revenue you can expect at 60, 180, and 365-day increments.


Get the financial model for your game now!

Simply make a copy of the spreadsheet, and you can run your own simulations.

NOTE: The calculations can take a few seconds to complete when you mess with the retention numbers, so please be patient and allow calculations to complete. You can see the progress by looking at the Google Sheet refresh progress bar in the upper right of your sheet.

You should also check out our white paper on Target Game Metrics for a sense of what numbers you should be shooting for in your game design.

We are highly interested in how this model works for you. Contact us with feedback!

If you want to see how Beamable can equip you with the features and content management workflow to boost retention and revenue for your Live Game, get started for free!