LiveOps Portal

Worry-Free Game Operations

Non-developers need a place to go to operate their game. To build and deploy content error-free without engineering. That is the Beamable LiveOps Portal.

Why Is Beamable a Better Solution?

Beamable helps you take on the underlying infrastructure and architecture it takes to build a successful live game—so you can focus on building the fun.

You Get Production Build Automation

As a content producer, you can promote your content and microservices directly through the Beamable Live Ops Portal. Content can move right into production with full controls and without the need for additional engineering resources or DevOps build processes.

You Get Integrated Analytics

With the Beamable Live Ops Portal you get an entire integrated analytics suite. You may never need to build your own or purchase third-party dashboards. Everything comes fully built-in and ready-to-use on day one.

You Get Super-Simple Content Scheduling

With Beamable, you can set up content ahead of time and have it execute the day of. Events, offers, messages and campaigns, push and pulls--everything can be created in advance, tested and ready-to-go well ahead of schedule.

You Get Full Control Over Commerce

Get access to new sources of revenue faster. By shipping more games more quickly, you will have more opportunities to create new streams of revenue. And with Beamable’s low cost of ownership, you’ll see even more financial growth.

You Get Robust Player Support

Look up up-to-date player information, update player accounts, fix inventory and grant items all in one place while communicating directly with players through in-game messaging, mail and announcements.

Who is this for?

Content Creators

As a content creator, you can use the Beamable tools to create and define content and then quickly deploy it across multiple environments. Author JSON, define rules and properties, track deployments and run QA plans all within a single platform.

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Marketing & Product Managers

The Beamable Live Ops portal makes it easy to get your message out to players. Whether it be through new content or targeted communications, everything can be handled through the portal. And, with integrated analytics, you can always keep track of your efforts with up-to-date KPIs and drive more business.

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Support Teams

Beamable provides the Customer Support team with a wealth of information to keep in contact and answer all your questions. With our messaging system and the Beamable Portal, players can get their problems solved within seconds.

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“Beamable enables live operations for our games with far more capital efficiency than building and maintaining our own Live Games platform.”

Omar Abdelwahed

Technical Director

East Side Games

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