Beamable Product Roadmap Announcement

Beamable Product Roadmap Announcement

The road ahead

Here at Beamable, we pride ourselves on transparency for our customers, employees, and investors. We are extremely excited to announce the publication of our Public Beamabel RoadMap! 

This roadmap includes information about our latest release notes, recently shipped items, updates on our Backend Services, Unity SDK, C# MicroServices, and more. We are using a public Trello board to make it easy to maintain and update.

We value transparency in our product communication, creative partnerships, and through all aspects of our customer support team. This roadmap will ensure we take accountability for our own progress, as well as update everyone on the latest ideas and breakthroughs in the Beamable service.

By providing a view into our roadmap, we hope you will gain an understanding of what we are working on now, what we are working on next, and the exciting things to come for Beamable.

We also hope that you will reach out with any questions, comments, feedback, and input as we continue to define, design, and plan new features. This roadmap is a reflection of all the conversations we’ve had with you the game developers as we ambitiously expand Beamable and wake up every day to fight for the gamemaker!

If you have any questions, please reach out via our contact form at or through your customer success representative!