Beamable Releases Technical White Paper

Beamable Releases Technical White Paper

Get a copy of Architecture for Scalable, Reliable and Efficient Game Operations today!

Beamable is excited to announce the release of a new technical whitepaper for game studios. In the paper, we cover how one line of code launches our Integrated, Full Stack LiveOps platform for Unity games.

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Live games need engagement, social features, and the ability to deliver new content continuously to players. The team at Beamable created this paper after learning what it takes to scale games to millions of players.

“I was excited to work on this paper for game developers and explore the common challenges to shipping games and rapidly scaling them to grow a community of committed players,” shared Ali El Rhermoul, CTO of Beamable. “Our goal is to give developers an understanding of the kinds of workflows that make for scalable games, both operational and technical, as well as solutions both conceptual and practical. We worked to cover the tradeoffs of each approach, as well as introduce Beamable’s capabilities.”

What you will learn from Beamable White Paper:  

  • How a full-stack, integrated approach to LiveOps helps you build and iterate faster 
  • What we learned from the lifecycle of several live game projects
  • The core issues that contribute to complexity, mistakes and lost opportunities
  • Beamable’s architecture, built around microservices and a highly-scalable Serverless Game Backend

Download your copy of the white paper now!