Beamable runs on Amazon Web Services

Beamable runs on Amazon Web Services

Today, it was exciting to have Amazon Web Services Game Tech team mention Beamable on their social media accounts as a solution for Unity game makers! We’ve been working with AWS for a long time! When you build on Beamable, you’ll take advantage of all this knowledge through our included managed hosting of all your live game features.

You can see the mentions of Beamable on the AWS Game Tech Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts!

Here is a little history:

Back in 2013, Beamable started working with AWS to build and scale AAA mobile games. After a migration off an early cloud provider, the team immediately noticed a huge difference in reliability and ease of use. RDS was a particular life-saver eliminating database performance issues and solving scalability challenges that plagued our early live games.

The analogy we use internally is, with AWS, we went from a deployment of “pets” (unique servers we had to individually manage) to a deployment of “cattle” — with virtually all our servers horizontally scalable, and automatically scaling thanks to AWS Auto-scaling rules.

We’ve turned our infrastructure into code using CloudFormation, allowing us to deploy new game environments and application stacks within minutes, and fully containerizing our application server stack with Elastic Container Service (ECS).

All told, Beamable has scaled to millions of daily active players performing rich functionality, and launched those games at scale without issue thanks to a combination of auto-scaling, cloud formation, container orchestration, and the AWS Storage technology underpinning Aurora (RDS).

So far, we’ve adopted a broad variety of AWS services that keep Beamable humming while maximizing cost efficiency. When you work with Beamable you are getting the experience to fearlessly run your live game on the top AWS technologies that include: EC2, ECS, CloudWatch, RDS, DynamoDB, Amazon MQ, Redshift, Athena, SNS, SQS, CloudFormation, S3, Glacier, Lambda, Code Deploy, VPC, SageMaker, CloudFront, ElastiCache, Route53, and many others.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Amazon as a platform for game creators. Learn more by contacting us about how Beamable can help you build and scale your live game.

(image by Taylor Vick on Unsplash)