Building a Microservices Architecture on Amazon Web Services

Building a Microservices Architecture on Amazon Web Services

Our Senior Devops Engineer Brandon Bateman gave a talk to the Amazon Game Tech community about Beamable’s Microservice architecture that helps us scale the large games of our customers using Amazon Webservices Automation.

You can watch the presentation here!


Why use microservices for your live game architecture?

  • Ability to scale individual services based on load
  • Allow game developers to more easily work on specific services without having to merge
  • Test specific components without the need for full deployments
  • Add/remove features with less overhead
  • Upgrade services individually without impacting others
  • Smaller and more agile development cycles

Here’s what Beamable looks like!


Beamable Infra (1).png

Check out the video to learn more or contact us if you have any questions.


Your Unity game can take advantage of this architecture for it’s live game features (leaderboards, tournaments, multiplayer, commerce, social, etc.) by getting started with Beamable for free!