Do You Have to Program to Build Video Games?

Do You Have to Program to Build Video Games?

Have you been thinking about creating your very own video game? Maybe you’ve got a working knowledge of game design and some experience programming, but want to avoid countless hours coding. Well then—Beamable has you covered with a guide to more efficient video game programming, and we’ll take you through it step by step!

What Programming Language Should I Use?

When it comes to building a new video game, there are several programming languages to choose from. The two most common options are C# and HTML5; however, C# offers more benefits and is generally viewed as the most versatile—and in conjunction with Unity, is the only language supported by Beamable.

One more note on Unity; as the premier real-time game development platform, it delivers best-in-class scalability, while offering a simple learning curve that’s unmatched by just about any other programming platform.

How Much Coding Experience Do I Need?

You’re likely wondering just how much coding experience is needed to build a new video game—and the answer may surprise you.

It’s true that if you wanted to create your own game from scratch, you’d need to possess an advanced understanding of video game programming code. You would also have to learn a programming language, create the gaming engine and know how build out graphics, UI and other individual components.

If you’re indeed new to game design and programming, we recommend exploring Roblox; it provides a fantastic foundation to build your skills upon. Then once you’re comfortable with the basics, and you’re ready to balance ease-of-use and flexibility with optimal player experiences—it’s time to start building with Beamable and Unity! We simplify everything—from updating your game, to selling items via special offers and even live events with leaderboards—all thanks to drag-and-drop prefabs that dramatically streamline the programming process.

Wait—What Are Drag-and-Drop Prefabs?

In the world of video game programming, prefabs are special components that come fully configured. These GameObjects can be shared between scenes or projects without having to be rebuilt, and as fully-formed digital assets, they link to our managed back-end and offer a robust UI.

Even if your programming experience is limited, prefabs allow you to ramp up quickly. With them, you can fix object errors, swap out art, and make various stylistic changes to your project—but that’s not all! Beamable prefabs are truly drag-and-drop—meaning all you have to do is select a prefab and drag it onto the build window. All assets will instantly be uploaded and implemented, so you can keep your focus on the creativity—where it belongs!

Launch Your First Project with Beamable

With C# and Unity, Beamable empowers you to create a high-quality gaming experience—and save tons of time you would have otherwise spent coding in the process. Try a sample project with us today, and discover the difference our platform can make!