Find a publisher: Beamable Super List of Game Publishers

Find a publisher: Beamable Super List of Game Publishers

Acquiring funds is one of the most preliminary stages of game development. Some independent studios or developers might have funds from crowdfunds or previous games, but for many, it’s an altogether different struggle. A struggle that Beamable understands, having collaborated with developers on many successful games.

Game Publishers are the solution to the problem at hand.

However, finding the right publishers is another task. To simplify, we’ve curated a list of some of the best publishers out there to support, publish, and increase the reach of your game. Here it is:

Alawar –

Ayopa Games –

Bear Games –

Chillingo –

Creative Mobile –

Crescent Moon Games –

Devolver Digital –

Finji –


Game Garden  –

GameHouse –

Glitch –

Headup Games –

HeroCraft –

Indie Fund –

Ketchup Games –

Kongregate –

Kowlooon Nights –

N3twork –

Nanovation Labs –

Nekki –

Nevosoft –

No More Robots –

PikPok –

Renatus –

Reverb Communications –

Skystone Games –

Square Enix Collective –

Storm8 –

TabTale (now CrazyLabs) –

Team17 –

Tilting Point –

tinyBuild Games –

Versus Evil –

Wadjet Eye Games –

Wargaming Labs –

Yodo1 –

Zillion Whales –



Alawar is a studio that develops, distributes, and publishes games for mobiles, PCs, consoles, and more. They majorly focus on mid-core games played by experienced players, as well as a few casual games for mobile phones. Their games have reached more than 100 countries, and have been downloaded more than 200 million times. Contact them at: /

Ayopa Games


Ayopa Games is an independent game publisher focusing on mobile games that are fun and innovative. The company is a massive alliance of indie developers and others, which help them succeed in this competitive industry. Reach out to them here.

Bear Games


Bear Games, formerly known as Crystal Clear Soft, was founded by Counter-Strike professionals, and have since helped more than 50 games from start to end, including some of the industry’s big names. Contact them at



Chillingo is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts and works with independent studios and developers. So far, Chillingo has published numerous award-winning games, including Angry Birds, Perfect Kick, Cut the Rope, Pixel People, and so many others! Their games are published for Android and iOS platforms. Contact them at

Creative Mobile


Creative Mobile is an indie game publisher and developer that has evolved into an internationally recognized studio and publisher. Creative Mobile has reached over 300 million players with the games they’ve published, and they continue to reinvent themselves and collaborate with unique developers. Contact them at

Crescent Moon Games


Crescent Moon Games is a game development and publishing company founded in 2009 which is built on collaboration, innovation, and fostering uniqueness. They’ve so far published over 70 games for different platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox, and Steam. Contact them at

Devolver Digital


Devolver Digital helps indie game developers and studios turn ideas into successfully published games. The team helps developers across all the game development and publishing stages. They’re extremely pro-indie devs, and offer services tailored to independent studios and developers. Contact them at



Finji works with developers worldwide to make innovative games and create opportunities for budding indie developers. They have a passionate team that follows inclusive policies. Reach out to them at



GAMEVIL is a well-renowned game publisher that has earned acclaim as one of the best publishing companies in mobile gaming. They have a diverse portfolio of innovative mobile games that offer an unparalleled experience. Contact them at

Game Garden


Game Garden celebrates the art of creating games and helps indie developers and studios publish their games on most of the platforms. They offer support throughout the publishing process and have helped with the games – Farmdale, Fairy Farm, Fairy Kingdom. Contact them at



GameHouse is a studio dedicated to one mission – enriching the lives of gamers and developers by providing the best experiences and collaborations. They’re one of the largest publishers and distributors of casual games, and their games reach a global audience. GameHouse offers engaging games and more ways to play them – including social media, online websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, and more. Reach out to them here.




GLITCH describes themselves as an “ecosystem builder” tipping big ideas into action by backing creators who are thinking bigger and thinking differently about play. If you think that is you, reach out to them on their website!

Headup Games



Headup Games is a games development and publishing company that supports game developers from all over the world. They’re available on all major consoles and for all available devices. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has released over 100 games. Contact them at



Herocraft is one of the leading game publishers for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices and social media networks. The company boasts a “top developer” status in Google Play, and a top-5 rank among game publishers in Google Play, with over 50M downloads. Contact them at

Indie Fund



Indie Fund is a decade-old funding source and platform for indie studios and developers. It was started by indie game developers looking to encourage budding developers. They aim to help independent creators stay financially independent and focused on the project. Contact them at

Ketchapp Games


KetchApp is a video game publisher that specializes in the mobile gaming market. The company promotes a healthy environment for developers, by offering a place for conversations and inspiration. They’ve worked on various games, including, Circle The Dot, Run Bird Run, Jelly Jump. Contact them at



Kongregate started as an open platform for indie developers having a strong vision for games. It focuses intensely on community engagement. The studio prioritizes partnership, honesty, and collaboration. This means great games for players and an enriching atmosphere for developers. They’ve published more than 30 games, which have been downloaded over 100 million times. Reach out to them here.

Kowloon Nights


They fund premium PC and Console projects (no AR/VR, no blockchain, no mobile-first games). If that sounds like your game, reach out to them at their website contact form.



N3TWORK is a holistic company that helps game developers publish, scale, and popularize their games. They follow a community-oriented approach, so if you’re with them, you can be sure of being part of helpful communities that will last you for a long time. Visit their website to contact them!

Nanovation Labs



Nanovation labs is an indie game publisher focusing on mobile games. They’ve helped publish various games, including Slip Away, Hexavoid, Sky Wave, and more. Contact them at



Nekki started as a browser-based gaming company in 2002. From then, it grew into a renowned mobile gaming and publishing company with currently over 150 employees. The company is globally known for games like Vector, 11×11, Shadow Fight, and more. Contact them at



Nevosoft is one of the leading hyper-casual and casual game publishers and developers. They got known because of their hit games like My Kingdom for the Princess (1,2, and 3), Supercow, and LandGrabbers. They support games for various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, as well as cross-platform social games. Contact them at

No More Robots


No More Robots was created by Mike Rose, an industry veteran and game critic. No More Robots is a publishing label run by real people, with real publishing experience. The goal is to work alongside some of the games industry’s greatest talent. You can contact them on their website.




PikPok delivers fun games across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Their games are meant to be played anywhere – from the bus stop to the dining room. The high-quality art offered in their pick-up-and-play games has earned praise from all over the world. Reach out to them here.



Renatus is a mobile and social media game publishing company with more than 40 successful case studies to boast for. Their games have been played by more than 50 million active users on most of the popular platforms. Renatus helps developers put the games straight on the road to success. Contact them at

Reverb Communications


Reverb Communications is a holistic gaming agency that provides all the essential services, including marketing, public relations, sales management, and more. Their goal is to keep the messaging and targeting clear to drive more gamers, resulting in more sales of the games they publish. Reach out to them here.

Skystone Games


Skystone Games is a Next-Gen Multiplatform Gaming Company built for global audiences. They are not only a full service publisher, but help developers realize their dreams of creating a unique and fun gaming experience. Contact them at their website!

Square Enix Collective


Square Enix Collector is a publishing service provider for indie studios and developers. They help them by building communities, raising funds, and supporting game releases. Regardless of the game, the developer retains the entire IP of the game. Contact them at



Storm8’s list of published games includes more than 60 games across multiple genres. Their games offer a world of discovery and play and offer intense storytelling and gaming experiences to keep the users engaged. Contact them at



TabTale creates and supports new mobile games that can be played by the entire family, every day. Their portfolio includes a lot of original and licensed properties. TabTale games have been downloaded over 1.3 billion times, and the company has been recognized as a Top 10 Mobile Games Publisher. Reach out to them here.



Team17 has helped publish more than 90 games across multiple platforms. These include The Escapists, Yooka-Laylee, Sheltered, Beyond Eyes, and the BAFTA winner – Overcooked. Team17 works with a wide range of talented developers and studios from around the globe. Contact them here.

Tilting Point


Tilting Games helps indie dev successfully publish and promote their game usign a model they like to call “Progressive Publishing”. Their aim is to build deeper relationships with partners that grow stronger with time. Go through their website to know their offerings! Or, reach out to them here. . T

tinyBuild Games


tinyBuild’s rise to prominence was with the games SpeedRunners and No Time to Explain. The company offers video game publishing services and has helped third-party developers and studios release numerous titles for different platforms across mobile devices, consoles, and computers. Contact them at

Versus Evil


Versus Evil is an Indie publisher that works with indie developers worldwide to help them create unique and groundbreaking games across all platforms. The company believes in building partnerships with the developers, offering them all the support and advice they want while letting the developer’s uniqueness grow and flourish. Reach out to them at

Wadjet Eye Games


Wadjet Eye Games has continuously produced and published award-winning critically acclaimed games for the PC. Some of these games include the Blackwell Series and The Shivah, both of which have earned the Game Developers Choice Awards nomination; Puzzle Bots; Gemini Rue won the IGF Student Showcase; and more. Contact them at

Wargaming Labs


Wargaming Labs brings 18 years of game development and publishing experience. They’ve brought games on all available platforms and devices and collaborated with some industry leaders. Reach out to them here.



Yodo1 brings a diverse portfolio of a wide range of games, including casual, mid-core, and hard-core that cater to a worldwide audience. Some of the successful games include Rodeo Stampede and Crossy Road. Yodo1 is a holistic publishing partner for developers looking to expand their audience. Contact them at

Zillion Whales



Zillion Whales is a team of experienced game developers, designers, marketers, producers, that help indie developers publish games on Androids, iOS, Windows, and other digital platforms. They support developers from all around the world, with a core presence in China, Russia, UK, the US, and South Korea. Contact them at

We hope that helped!

Reach out to the publishers with your game idea today! Millions of players might just be waiting to get a hand on your game.

Stay tuned to Beamable – we keep publishing resources, and a lot more, for indie developers! If you have a game publisher we missed, drop us a note!