How To Add A Leaderboard To Your Unity Game

How To Add A Leaderboard To Your Unity Game

Beamable Game Dev Podcast Episode 10: Adding a leaderboard with Beamable

Have you wondered how to add a leaderboard to the game you’re developing in Unity? The answer is Beamable. In episode 10 of the Beamable Game Dev Podcast, it’s all about the leaderboard. Adding a leaderboard to your game adds a social element that can prolong the life of your game. It can also work as a tool for word of mouth. Leaderboards in your game give your community a chance to compete. Streamers can compete with their community, which could lead to more users, sales, etc.

Beamable leaderboard sample project

If you want to learn more about adding a leaderboard to your Unity game with Beamable check out our samp project here

Beamamable Leaderboard Sample Project