Indie Game Success: Timed Events

Indie Game Success: Timed Events

In the first installment of our Indie Game Success, we uncovered Why Content Matters. In our second installment, we covered the Importance of Monetization. In our third and final installment of Indie Game Success, we are going to cover the Secret of Timed Events.

We’ve entered into the third sector of the Live Game Trinity, Timed Events.

You’ve successfully created content, you’re mapping out the best way to monetize your game, and now you’re invested in creating Timed Events. First, what exactly are Timed Events. Timed Events, also referred to as Live Events, boost community engagement by providing scarce, real-time, activities for the players to engage in.

Recently Live Events have been re-shaping and formulating social spaces in video games for the better. With concert events featuring celebrities like Lil Nas X, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande, these Timed Events boost the interest and popularity of these games and also help develop a new way to socialize in-game. Our Content Producer at Beamable Josh Schmidt, also known as N64Josh, reflected on the evolution of Live Events in gaming:

” Fornite has shown us how well live events build hype for their upcoming seasons. I loved piloting my battle bus as Mando! Dancing with the community while we waited for the event to start was something I wont forget.”

Josh 2.jpg

Timed Events provide uniqueness to a game.

They not only bring people together at the same time, but they also create anticipation around the event and the game. Utilizing Timed Events can determine the success and downfall of a game. Luckily, as the videogame world continues to explore the Metaverse, the easier it becomes to create interactive, engaging, and immersive Timed Live Events. If you are ready to get rolling, Download Beamable today and let us help you develop your passion for gaming into an occupation. Looking For More Content?

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