Jon Radoff’s Metaverse Content Round Up

Jon Radoff’s Metaverse Content Round Up

Top 30 Most Influential People in the Metaverse via

Beamable’s CEO Jon Radoff was named by as one of the top 30 most influential people in the Metaverse. Jon is number 24 on the list, here is what they had to say about him.

“Jon Radoff is the CEO of Beamable, Radoff aims to integrate social networking, content creation, online communities, and games. In May 2021, Beamable had a $5 Million raise intended to continue being a creator-focused platform for building live games, eliminating all barriers to help game makers increase their revenues at a low operation cost.”

Take a deeper dive into the Metaverse with Jon Radoff

If you’re looking for a greater understanding of the Metaverse look no further than Jon’s blog Building the Metaverse. Do you need an introduction to Metaverse? This article is for you, or if you prefer video Jon has you covered there as well. His new Youtube series is just getting started, covering topics like Introduction to Metaverse and Nine Megatrends of the Metaverse.


Jon’s recent podcast interviews

Jon was recently interviewed on the Deconstructor of Fun and PlayMaker podcast. The Building the Metaverse Podcast is in the works so stay tuned for that. You will find each show below and both are available on your favorite podcast player.

Deconstructor of Fun

Playmakers – The Game Industry Podcast

The Metaverse is Coming

For more on the Metaverse from Jon Radoff you can check out The Metaverse is Coming: An Open Letter To Game Developers and the Beamable Community.