Scalability and Volume with Beamable

Scalability and Volume with Beamable

Searching for a platform that can handle volume and large-scale projects? Beamable can do both! Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a trend of creators struggling to find support for high-volume and large-scale projects. Here at Beamable we have the team to provide you with the best support in improving your scalability and supporting high volume.


We strive to support high volume on our platform. A large amount of Concurrent Users (CCU) is something we can support for your game. When your Daily Active Users (DAU) evolve into Monthy Active Users (MAU) it’s important to ensure that your game is supported on every front. Since Beamable is built to be scalable, we are able to grow our serves flexibly and support DAU, MAU, and CCU with no cap!


By utilizing various servers, Beamable is able to ensure your game will work as anticipated. Being able to add or remove servers when the traffic grows or shrinks allows us to mitigate and track traffic passing through our servers for your game.

More Features

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