Top 10 Tips For Indie Game Developers

Top 10 Tips For Indie Game Developers

New to game creation? Not sure exactly where to begin? Here are our top ten tips Game Developers want new Indie Game Developers to know starting out.

Tip #1: Start Small

While creating your first game is exciting, invigorating, albeit also exhausting, don’t let your rush of creativity get the best of you. While you may have a million and one ideas to push into a project, its better to avoid starting big projects while you are a newbie.

You’ll have the time to cultivate and refine your ideas over many projects, so relax and take things one at a time.

Tip #2: 1 Step at A Time.

Small steps eventually combine together to output a polished product. By focusing on the current step and phase of the project you are in you are more likely to not only complete the project but also avoid burn-out.

Tip #3: Get a foundation.

You’ll need some knowledge and experience before diving straight into a new project. Luckily here at Beamable, we have engineers and developers eager to connect and consult on your various projects and aspirations. If you’re looking for advice join our discord at to chat with us.

Tip #4: Have a goal in mind

It is extremely important to Always keep your audience in mind. While this is your game, they will be the ones playing it and you want to ensure that the player relationship with the game is the best it can be. Make sure to incorporate lifestyle changes, updates, and camera angles that can help the quality of your game. If you’re unsure on how to utilize camera angles to the fullest read our article here: Zooming a Camera in Unity

Tip #5 Your plans are going to change

When Animal Crossing was first created, it was named Animal Forest. Our point is, plans change, games evolve, you and your project will grow alongside one another. While having a dinosaur named Larry shooting laser beams out of its eyes is a super cool idea, it may need to be put away for your cozy-home-deco game.

Tip #6 You’re going to need help

Glitches, Bugs, and Online issues are not only common, they’re normal. When you’re met with these struggles do not be afraid. You have access to many willing communities through Reddit, Twitter, and Discord that are more than willing to help you with these technical issues. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Tip #7 Recognize when something just isn’t worth it.

Larry the laser beam dinosaur is super cool, but his shading is wrong, every time we try to put him in the game he glitches out, and he’s slowing production time by a month. Maybe Larry isn’t worth it, and that’s okay. Some things are meant for later projects, don’t try to squeeze something in that is not fitting into the bigger picture.

Tip #8 You Might Fail, and Fail Hard

Larry the dinosaur? Yeah, he just erased 45% of your progress. How? We don’t know. It happens, and it is not fun, but it is very normal to experience failure in a project. Keep pushing and realize every failure is an opportunity to learn from for your next venture.

Tip #9 Don’t Give Up! Remember What You’re Trying to Make

With every obstacle you face, there’s a new opportunity for something to be learned. Sure the water mechanics in your game have failed over and over again, but now you know how to fix it and make waterfalls. Every experience can be learned from in-game creation. Just ask our devs!

Tip #10 Have Fun!

This is not just a project, this is your passion. Creating games can be an extremely fun and fulfilling process if you let it. Be inspired by the games you love, and the community that surrounds you. We’re sure as heck inspired by you.

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