Ready to migrate off of GameSparks?

Beamable is a certified ISV Accelerate APN Partner collaborating on GameSparks migration for all customers. No matter the size of your game, we can map out a migration that ensures zero downtime and a seamless transition for your players.

Why Beamable?

Battle Tested

Beamable has been evaluated by Amazon in a technical baseline review (TBR) and has supported large IP based games like Star Trek Timelines, Game of Thrones Ascent, and Walking Dead March to War which peaked at 1M DAU.

Technologically Advanced

Beamable is under active development and continuous improvement, incorporating the latest trends and features in LiveOps and Live Game functionality. Only Beamable offers the ability to write C# client and server code in a unified developer workflow eliminating the need for complex game server integrations.

Easy to Use

Our SDK is free to try so you can really give Beamable a try with your game project. Our support is world-class and responsive, and our pricing is flexible for whatever your team or studio might need. Our web portal allows non-developers to manage game config, LiveOps, and player support.

Optimized for Unity

If you build games in Unity, you will take advantage of completely integrated workflow for all live game features including low-code options like skinnable drag and drop prefabs.

How do you migrate from GameSparks?


Sign up for Beamable

Sign up for the Beamable Live Game platform. Or, if you are already an Amazon AWS customer, you can also sign up for Beamable on the AWS marketplace. Beamable is free to try. Only pay when you are ready to scale up your team or project.

Migrate GameSparks Features

Beamable offers many of the same features as GameSparks. This includes Authentication, Leaderboards, Multiplayer, Teams, and more. For each, migrate using the equivalent Beamable feature.

Replace GameSparks features with Custom Content

Even if Beamable does not offer a specific feature you need, there is a solution. Migrate using the Beamable Content feature.

Build Custom Beamable Objects

If Beamable’s built-in Content Types do not fit your needs, there is a solution. You can create a custom version of those Beamable objects. For example, you can use Beamable's "Item" content and customize it to create your own "Virtual Good" objects while still taking advantage of Beamables built-in API such as inventory, store, and items. Optionally, you can create validation rules to help your team work efficiently.

Migrate GameSparks LogEventRequests to C# Microservices

Microservices are a powerful way to write server logic in C# alongside your Unity C# client code. You can accomplish all sorts of customization in Beamable with this capability.

Migrate GameSparks Cloud Code to C# Microservices

All of your cloud code can be rewritten in C# as a Beamable Microservice. It will run locally in a Docker container and then be lifted up to the Beamable fully-managed cloud. Your C# server code will live side by side with your client code enabling debug, unified source control, and a unified developer workflow.

Convert GameSparks metacollections to Beamable Content

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) GameSparks configuration and meta-collections to Beamable Content so you are ready to test with live data. You could do this manually or create your own tools within Unity to speed up the process.

Incrementally Migrate Player Data

Switch your App over to Beamable's SDK and start migrating GameSparks players over to Beamable when they first login. You can do this by authoring a C# Microservice that will watch for new players or players tagged with a migration player stat. The ETL service will pull their data, log them out of GameSparks, create their Beamable account, transform the player data into Beamable format, and log the player in to their new Beamable account. All of this is seamless to the player.

Strip out the GameSparks SDK and launch your Beamable-only client

Once all of your players and their data are migrated, strip out the GameSparks SDK and promote a new Beamable-only client. You are now running on Beamable 100%!

Are you ready to migrate?

Contact us to learn more, or check out some of our migration partners for technical assistance.