Common Sense Machines: Coder

COMING SOON - CSM’s Coder is a text-to-game programming assistant leveraging the latest advances in large language models, program synthesis, and generative models. With Coder engine integration, developers at all levels of experience can author and publish Beamable micro-services for server-side game programming projects.

Coder interfaces directly with game engines to execute and verify code and will be built to auto-generate server-authoritative game features. Many gaming projects require tedious and recurring features like building a leaderboard system or a battle resolution system with integrations into databases. Coder will be designed to make server-side coding with Beamable as easy as typing text.

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What do you get?

AI-assisted Code Generation

Now developers at varying skill levels can write, test and maintain server-side scripts with a state-of-the-art AI coding assistant.


AI coding assistants have already shown dramatic increases in productivity. Coder will privately store and host sessions with natural language queries for collaboration, easy retrieval, and model customizations. We will also be releasing features to let enterprises and game studios take their private data and use it to fine-tune models for their game development projects.

User Generated Scripting

Enable authenticated and verified users to create and edit game logic and mechanics in dynamically pre-specified locations, events, and time.

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