Goplay Integration

Goplay’s free and simple platform rewards a gamer’s physical activity to motivate players to spend outside of your game. By integrating with Beamable C# Microservices, game developers can effortlessly and securely add Goplay to their game and take advantage of commerce integration to provide in-game items and currencies as rewards to players.

What do you get?

Drive sales when gamers aren't playing

On average gamers spend more than 23 hours outside of your game. Goplay's mobile app is designed to motivate gamers to spend 24/7 with ZERO change to your game.

Convert non-payers for the 1st time

Goplay's physical activity enhanced IAPs motivate even the most stubborn players to become payers.

Revenue share on both IAPs and Ads

No matter how a shared user activates with your linked game in our platform - you'll make money.

Get started with Goplay!

Reach out to to the Goplay team directly to schedule a conversation, get access to their platform, and integrate with Beamable!