Hero Trainer Integration

COMING SOON - Reignite and create novel ways for your users to play the games with the Hero Trainer integration. It allows users to connect their health data into your game. Data that you can leverage into new gameplay modes, content, & DLC.

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What do you get?

Enhanced User Engagement and Retention

Integrating our health-based account system can improve player retention rates by up to 22% (Hamari et al., 2017), offering players a unique and meaningful experience that keeps them coming back.

Access to a Growing Health-Conscious Market

Establish a positive brand image and strong health association, attracting health-conscious consumers. With 55% of global online consumers willing to pay more for products with positive social impact (Nielsen, 2014), your game can benefit from market growth and success.

Cross-Game Player Engagement and Brand Loyalty

Our health-based account system as an SSO solution can increase user satisfaction by up to 30% and reduce user churn by up to 15% (Kim et al., 2019), fostering cross-game engagement and brand loyalty across your portfolio.

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