Idem Multiplayer Matchmaking API

COMING SOON - Idem brings state-of-the-art multiplayer matchmaking to games through a quick to integrate API. Packed with rating and ranking systems, it covers everything you will need, whether you are just starting off building a multiplayer game or are a large studio looking for the best performance available. Get started for free and only pay if your game really takes off.

What do you get?

Happy players

Best-in-class matchmaking designed to captivate both elite and casual players with short waiting times and thrilling gameplay. Used by studios to craft challenging matches that keep players engaged.

Easy to integrate

Effortlessly bring matchmaking to your game. Connect to the API and be done in no time. You are becoming an overnight success? Rest assured, our platform is built for scalability and battle-tested.

Built for everyone

Get a best-in-class matchmaking without the budget of a large studio. Idem is free for the first 100,000 players matched. Easily enough for the needs of a small indie game or for running your alpha.

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