Photon Fusion

Beamable and Photon can work together with the Unity game engine to provide a sophisticated networking solution for multiplayer projects. Beamable handles the social and economy features, while Photon handles the gameplay. Beamable's Matchmaking bridges the gap between these two technologies. Download the sample project, open it up in Unity, and get rolling with Photon Fusion today.

What do you get?

Sample Game

"Red Light, Green Light" (RLGL) is a game where you race other players to the finish line, but don't get caught moving during a red light or you are eliminated.


The project illustrates how to use Beamable matchmaking features to connect remote players to a match (i.e. a multiplayer "room")

Photon Integration

The project includes instructions about how to connect your Photon AppID to the Beamable project for handing off the match via a C#Microservice

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