Scenario Integration

Scenario helps you create high-quality, style-consistent, proprietary assets for your games using generative AI. Beamable has built a sample project that demonstrates how you can bring Scenario together with generative text prompts to build unlimited game assets.

AI Forge is a Unity sample project you can download and open in Unity to understand the basics of how Scenario integrates with Beamable content to power unlimited game inventory.

What do you get?

Generative AI

OpenAI is used to generate player items (swords), in a JSON formatted response. to generate art (sword images) to complement the item generated by OpenAI.

Beamable Integration

Requires Beamable SDK Version 1.12.0 and Unity version 2021.3.18

Beamable Features

This sample project will demonstrate how to integrate with Accounts / Authentication, Commerce / Inventory, Content, Microservices with managed MongoDB storage, and Theme Manager.