Theta Network Integration

Rapidly add Theta Network assets to your game using an open source sample project that leverages Beamable's authentication, inventory, and content system. Once integrated, you can manage both on-chain and off-chain assets on a customizable and managed ERC1155 contract. Everything you need to get started is in the Git Repo documentation.

What do you get?

NFT Metadata

We're using our existing Content System backed by AWS S3 and AWS CloudFront CDN for storing NFT metadata. Every property you specify in the Inventory CreateItemRequest will become a NFT metadata property.

Smart Contract Management

We are using the solc Solidity compiler wrapped inside of the integration microservice to compile the smart contract at runtime. You can clone this repository and modify the smart contract per your requirements.

Federated Content

This sample project includes one Theta federated item - BeamSword, and one Theta federated currency - BeamCoin. You can enable federation on any item or currency.