Venly Integration

With Venly, game developers can easily integrate wallet service, NFT tools, and APIs as well as an open NFT Marketplace into their game projects. With Beamable integration, these same capabilities can be rapidly added to any Unity or Unreal game project allowing developers to merge both on-chain and off-chain assets and metadata together into a single content/inventory system.

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What do you get?


Players can attach Venly wallets to their Beamable player account, can authenticate using their wallets. Developers can create wallets, attach them to players and view wallet associations in the Beamable portal.


Developers can configure a Venly API key to a Beamable realm to authorize operations, define & publish new Venly Token Types for FTs (Commodities) and NFTs (Items), and specify which Beamable item and currency content objects map to which Venly Token Items and Token Commodities.


Developers can query player inventories for specific Token Items and/or Token Commodities and respective metadata, add (transfer) Token Items and Token Commodities to a player's inventory, transact on Venly Wallets on behalf of the players without further authorization, and initiate transfers from a Venly Wallet to a different Venly Wallet or External Wallet.