Beamable Added to the BaaS Game Dev Community

Beamable Added to the BaaS Game Dev Community

If you are creating live games, chances are you’ve been thinking about all the different products that are out there and how they might work to empower your game with online social, commerce, and liveops content features. It turns out, there is an entire community of game creators making games faster by leveraging the power of a back end game platform. This community exists on Discord and is called the Online Gamedev [BaaS] Community.

Backend as a service (BAAS) for your game

The community was started by Dylan Hunt, and brings together information and support from a wide range of game tech providers. Recently Beamable was excited to be added to the comparison sheet and the online community!

The comparison sheet is a deep resource that compares the many options that game makers have for a game backend platform, and lines them up on over 70 different dimensions.

Game BaaS comparison chart

Some of the questions you can ask are:

  • How are all these BaaS platforms pricing their services?
  • Do they have free trial versions for development?
  • Are there API limits involved for us?
  • What language and infrastructure dependencies do they have?
  • What’s the level of quality on their documentation and examples?
  • What kinds of game analytics are available?
  • Is there GDPR support?
  • …and much much more!

You can join the BaaS community by following this invite link to their Discord channel:

You can view the extremely helpful technology comparison Google Sheet here:

Beamable was recently added to this sheet which also includes companies like:

  • Accelbyte
  • AcceleratXR
  • Amazon Gamesparks
  • Braincloud
  • Microsoft Playfab
  • Nakama
  • Photon
  • SmartFoxServer
  • XtraLife
  • Chilli Connect
  • Signalr
  • Spatial OS

…and a few others.

While there are many game tech options for your live game, Beamable remains committed to an EngineCentric™ approach that is editor-workflow optimized, meaning game creators will no longer have to consider a game server written in another language running on special infrastructure as part of their game building process. With Beamable, we want you to do everything in the editor: Create content, leverage Unity pre-fabs and addressables, and write C# server authoritative code as a microservice that’s ready to scale and fully managed.

Sign up to try Beamable for free or contact us for a demo! We look forward to working with you!