Beamable and East Side Games Join Forces

Beamable and East Side Games Join Forces



East Side Games and Beamable are proud to announce a technology partnership and the launch of ARCHER: DANGER PHONE.
August 17, 2020 (Boston, MA) — Beamable announced today that it is working with the hit studio East Side Games to launch and support a new mobile idle title called Archer: Danger Phone. This is the largest game launch yet for Beamable which got its start as a content management solution for games just this year.

“Beamable supports our ambition to provide regular content updates and live events for our players–and at a scale and frequency appropriate for a game based on a hit television show such as Archer,” said Jason Bailey, Co-Founder of East Side Games.

Archer: Danger Phone uses many content management features that Beamable offers including player data management, virtual goods and currency management, live events, offers and merchandising, and an advanced content authoring workflow. Many of these technologies were previously honed within Game of Thrones Ascent and Star Trek Timelines, where Beamable developed authoring systems to keep pace with the aggressive content demands of weekly television shows being watched by huge, demanding audiences.

In addition to Archer, East Side Games and Beamable announced plans to integrate Beamable into other games that are in development on the East Side Games IdleKit platform, a technology for creating world-class idle games.

“We created Beamable to arm game-makers with the tools to develop and maintain world-class games with the reliability and frequency that players expect,” said Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable. “The idle game genre is one that requires consistent updates, live events and a monetization strategy that aligns with new content. We’re excited to work with East Side Games to deliver an evolving, story-driven experience that players will love.”

Archer: Danger Phone is available in the Google Play and iTunes app stores now.

To learn more about how the Beamable team contributes to Archer’s success, check out the blog post, Archer Danger Phone: Powered by Beamable, and the Archer: Danger Phone Beamable team play through on YouTube.

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East Side Games is a proudly independent and profitable game studio with a collaborative, creative, and fun culture. Our games fund all our new projects, and everyone who works here has a direct impact on the day-to-day business. East Side Games has released several hit mobile games including Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money, Pot Farm: Grass Roots, Munchie Farm, Idle Paws and a new puzzle game, Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch. For more information visit,

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