Beamable is a Wombat X Gaming Accelerator Partner

Beamable is a Wombat X Gaming Accelerator Partner

Spielworks is launching a Web3 gaming accelerator, Wombat X, to empower Web3 gaming projects. They are bringing together tools, education, and funding to help Web3 game developers accelerate their projects and grow their audiences by leveraging the Wombat ecosystem.

We are proud to be an initial partner in the Wombat X Accelerator ecosystem. At Beamable, we are committed to improving the workflow for game developers to implement meta-game systems and build out complex item economies that drive profound social and gameplay experiences. A partnership with Wombat X offers game projects the ability to take full early and discounted advantage of Beamable’s range of capabilities:

  • Integrated player authentication with wallet capability
  • A reactive game content system to propagate content changes across game clients
  • An interoperable inventory later to manage both on-chain and off-chain assets.
  • Unity and Unreal engine integration, along with advanced Cloud Code capabilities to build, extend, and integrate 3rd party game assets via the Beamable Live Services Marketplace.

You can learn more about how Beamable supports Web3 on our website.

If you have a Web3 project and want to take advantage of the Wombat X Accelerator program, head over to the website to learn more and sign up today!