Beamable January 2024 Portal Update

Beamable January 2024 Portal Update

This month, we released a significant upgrade to the Beamable LiveOps Portal. Please review the list of changes, and if you have any questions, please reach out on our Discord server or at!

Release notes

Bug Fixes

  • Player calendar activity appeared one day too early
  • Downloading Content from the Portal did not always download the correct data
  • Event Calendar view white text on yellow bar background was hard to read
  • Player Inventory items with lots used to overflow now feature a scrollbar.
  • Player Inventory view sorted by items had no effect.
  • Analytics data query resulted in an error when the event name contained a hyphen
  • Game Tree > Config Defaults context menu was incorrectly placing the customer alias in the CID field
  • Downloading analytics data would not always work
  • Player Profile Location badges would duplicate when switching pages
  • In-Game Mail: sometimes, the currency list only showed coins and gems even when custom currencies exist
  • Rendering of act_time timestamp value in Portal Analytics view was incorrect
  • Clicking on the realm id in the game tree didn’t take you to the realm section
  • Promoting Microservices or Redeploying them in the portal could cause a loss of data in the manifest (e.g., federated components)


  • Added showing realm alias (if available) API usage dashboard
  • Added support for manual entry of date times (without needing date picker)
  • Added date-range presets for convenience in specifying date range (e.g. “last 30 days”)
  • Added support for hiding archived C# Microservices
  • Added additional configuration options to Leaderboard creation
  • Added server pagination support to Leaderboards
  • Added support for re-ordering items in Commerce Catalog
  • Better error message when supplying an invalid CID at login
  • Better JSON Visualization and Editing
  • Better visual language for disabled or archived C#MS (gray rather than red)
  • Faster loading of analytics dashboard
  • Faster history service querying in analytics and other sections
  • Archived realms show PID
  • MongoDB health metrics request uses “Zulu” timestamps
  • Admin navbar section is now expanded by default
  • API usage dashboard omits non-billable calls
  • No longer possible to archive a realm if you have microservices running in the realm