Beamable LiveOps Portal Updates for March 2023

Beamable LiveOps Portal Updates for March 2023

A variety of changes have been released for the Beamable Liveops Portal. Here is a collection of improvements, fixes, and additions.

General Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • “Promote Realm” with the production realm as the source is now possible (with a warning displayed)
  • Message Campaigns In-Game Mail campaigns support specifying an optional Category (similar to channel in Announcements)

Analytics Dashboard

  • Retention table now distinguishes between 0% retention and unavailable data
  • Retention table default date range window now only shows full days and no longer suffers from off by one
  • Message Campaigns for Announcements now properly handle legacy Entitlement Attachments

Events & Leaderboards

  • Player Events page will always show rewards
  • Players > Events page now renders the event id as a link which takes you to the corresponding event details page
  • Players > Events page now shows the leaderboard Id that a player has been assigned to (if available) and renders it as a link
  • Clearing an entire leaderboard will no longer result in a 404 Error
  • Removing player from leaderboard in Players > Leaderboards page no longer results in a malformed and failed request
  • Players > Leaderboards section will load dramatically faster for customers with large numbers of leaderboards

Demo Project

  • Fixed missing Microservices Deployment Status
  • Fixed incorrect visualization for Player geolocation


  • Microservices now show “status” when they are deploying
  • Portal users can now disable/enable Microservices and Storage Objects Operate > Microservices section

New Features

Portal Audit Log: Operations performed by Portal users are now logged in analytics and viewable from Realm > Analytics as a new table called client_portal_audit

Download Microservice Logs

New “Download Logs” button will export view of logs into a flat file you can download

API & Microservice Usage

New api & microservice usage graphs segmented by realms and services now available in under Account > API Usage

NOTE: Not all api usage is billable. We will be adding a way to filter only billable apis in an upcoming update.

Mutable Event Rewards: Events now support changing Event Rewards for currently running events (as well as upcoming events)

Federated Identity

Player Profile will now show external, custom authentication schemes (such as web3 wallet association) under Player Associations alongside social login