Beamable Releases 0.10.1 Update

Beamable Releases 0.10.1 Update

We are excited to announce the release of the Beamable Unity Package version 0.10.0! For a list of everything included in this new release, check out the release notes below.

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New Feature – Group Event Rewards

Events and event rewards now may be configured such that groups of players can participate together and earn rewards together. Group event rewards may be used in conjunction with individual event rewards.

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New Feature – Steamworks Commerce Integration

Beamable now supports real money transactions with Steam via a new Unity IAP store. This integrates directly with the Beamable commerce system for in-app microtransactions. Setup the Steamworks C# SDK and visit Beamable docs for details on completing the integration.

Microservice Improvements

Beamable C# Microservices have been growing by leaps and bounds. This release brings stability improvements, better handling with the latest Docker versions, and the inclusion of expanded Beamable SDK capabilities.

Notable new C# Microservice features:

  • Microservices can reference DLLs now
  • The TrialData (CloudData) API is now available in Microservices

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Mail Service – SendMail

Beamable’s mail service SDK now includes the SendMail function. Privileged entities, such as admin users and C# microservices, can now send messages to a player’s in-game mailbox.

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Bug Fixes


  • Account: fixed drag and drop behavior for AccountHUD prefab.
  • Account: fixed timing issues in Account Management Flow display.

Cloud Saving

  • Cloud Saving: fixed initialization and reinitialization logic.
  • Cloud Saving: fixed KeyNotFoundException when looking up previously downloaded objects.


  • Content: default leaderboard name correction.
  • Content: ID in Content Manager no longer cuts off names or shows duplicate entries.
  • Content: fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException when adding new content to an empty content type.
  • Content: increased manifest upload timeout, to allow for larger manifests.
  • Content: downloading content in Editor no longer logs unnecessarily.
  • Content: fixed InvalidCastException when double-clicking new content entries.
  • Content: when content is not found, the ContentNotFoundException now contains the ID.
  • Content: fixed issues with renaming entries in Content Manager.
  • Content: added stat requirement fields to AnnouncementContent.


  • Events: corrected EventReward data structure to match inventory APIs.
  • Events: made EventReward min and max allow double-precision numbers.

In-App Purchasing

  • IAP: SKU Content product ids are optional now.
  • IAP: BeamablePurchaser will now only initialize if items are defined.


  • Inventory: no longer holds on to stale data on user change.
  • Inventory: prefab no longer errors when addressable icon is omitted.
  • Inventory: AddItem() api no longer errors out on null dictionary.
  • Inventory: delete behavior correction for N=1 and N=0.
  • Inventory: fixed InvalidCastException when using custom subclasses.


  • Messaging: added missing AcceptMany call.


  • Microservice: fixed InvalidOperationException when getting stats.
  • Microservice: fixed InvalidOperationException when using SocketRequesterContext at high scale.
  • Microservice: corrected GetManifest to only download public content.
  • Microservice: general C# editor window improvements.
  • Microservice: fixed container build when including debug tools.
  • Microservice: improved detection of required Docker engine.
  • Microservice: made sure content manifest download is complete before issuing content requests.
  • Microservice: corrected Portal redeployment logic to prevent errors.
  • Microservice: corrected default route to match Beamable prod environment.
  • Microservice: Content Service stability improvements.
  • Microservice: fixed Docker invocation to skip Snyk tests.


  • Tournaments: prefab now uses sample content by default.
  • Tournaments: players will rejoin the current tournament on user change.
  • Tournaments: no longer logging errors on closing.

Other / Miscellaneous

  • Misc: renamed LoginFlow prefab to AccountManagementFlow.
  • Misc: renamed tournaments prefab to TournamentFlow rather than just Flow.
  • Misc: ConnectivityService now uses HTTP as its primary detection mechanism.
  • Misc: fixed Admin flow visual glitches on landscape.
  • Misc: fixed error when Project Settings is open during Beamable installation.
  • Misc: added CID validation to prevent “unknown CID” errors.
  • Misc: improved validation messages during project registration.
  • Misc: fixed NullReferenceException from prefab references.
  • Misc: reduced binary size by compressing default image assets.
  • Misc: fixed compilation errors when USE_FIREBASE is defined.
  • Misc: general bug fixes when opening and closing Editor windows.

Breaking Changes

None. Beamable v0.10 releases revolve around added functionality and bug fixes. As such, v0.10.1 is fully backward compatible with Beamable v0.9.x.