Beamable Releases 0.9.1 Update

Beamable Releases 0.9.1 Update

Hot on the heels of our major 0.9 version release, we finished a 0.9.1 release with a few new things and bug fixes.

New Feature – Unity 2020.3 LTS Support

Beamable now supports Unity 2020 in addition to Unity 2018 and Unity 2019!

New Feature – TrialData in Microservices

TrialData (CloudData) API is now available in Microservices.

Bug Fixes

  • Inventory no longer holds on to stale data on user change
  • Fixed KeyNotFoundException in CloudSavingService when looking up previously downloaded objects
  • Tournaments prefab now uses sample content by default
  • Tournaments prefab name renamed to TournamentFlow instead of just “Flow”
  • Players will rejoin tournament on user change
  • Fixed Admin flow visual glitches on landscape
  • Inventory prefab no longer errors when addressable icon is omitted
  • Tournaments no longer log errors on closing
  • SKU Content product ids are now optional
  • Inventory AddItem() API no longer errors out on null dictionary
  • Downloading content in Editor no longer logs unnecessarily
  • Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException when adding new content to an empty content type
  • Content ID in Content Manager no longer cuts off names or shows duplicate entries
  • Fixed drag and drop behavior for AccountHUD prefab
  • Content Manifest upload no longer times out after 10 seconds in cases of large manifests
  • To see these features in action, get started with Beamable for free!