Goplay Partners with Beamable

Goplay partners with Beamable

Goplay Partners with Beamable

Goplay’s free and simple platform rewards a gamer’s physical activity to motivate player spend outside of your game. By integrating with Beamable C# Microservices, game developers can effortlessly and securely add Goplay to their game and take advantage of commerce integration to provide in-game items and currencies as rewards to players.

Why Goplay?

Research shows that only a mere 2% of gamers choose to spend money in free-to-play games. Additionally, 80% of gamers do not get enough physical activity. With Goplay, gamers can engage in physical activity in the real world and use the Goplay currency, GoBits, to unlock discounts and rewards within their games. This allows players to earn in-game currency for linked games even when they are not playing, and provides game developers with a source of passive revenue 24 hours a day.

Goplay already integrates with Playfab, Unity Game Services and custom backends, and now it integrates with Beamable to make implementation into your game an easy project for your team.

If you are a Beamable developer or are a game developer looking to increase your conversion metrics (who isn’t?), head over to and check it out!