HATS: Where Cooler Heads Prevail! (A “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Style Sample Project)

HATS: Where Cooler Heads Prevail! (A “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Style Sample Project)

Our wide selection of sample projects makes it easy for game developers to expand their skills by getting to know different ways of leveraging development platforms, in this case, Beamable and Unity.

Check out our latest sample project: HATS (Head Adornment Test Scenario). Have you got what it takes to win? This sample project is an excellent way to explore the mechanics of competitive, multiplayer games.

Shoot arrows and fireballs at your opponents, hunker down and defend yourself, and stay away from the lava. The last player standing wins! Other Beamable prefabs and features showcased in this project include C# MicroservicesPayments, Chat, and Store.

What are the Rules of the Game?

Four players face off in this epic battle, but only one will emerge victorious!

Each turn presents you with four choices: move, shield, fireball, and arrow.

  • Move: Travel to a free space nearby.
  • Shield: Hunker down and resist incoming fireballs or arrows.
  • Fireball: Launch an epic fireball across the grid.
  • Arrow: Take aim and attack one of your opponents with your bow and arrow.

Choose wisely, but the clock is ticking! Make sure you commit to your action before time runs out. Protect yourself from fireballs and arrows but don’t forget to stay on your toes: Lava tiles are deadly and expand, so watch out for crumbling tiles beneath your feet.

Will You Beat Your Opponents and Stay Alive? Try Our Sample Project for Yourself

  1. First, start by downloading the HATS Sample Game from GitHub.
  2. Next, open the project in your Unity Editor (version 2020.3.11f1),
  3. Once that’s done, open the project in the Beamable Toolbox.
  4. Finally, sign in to your Beamable account and get cracking! (For more information, please review our Getting Started Guide).
  5. To begin playing, open the Matchmaking scene.
  6. Play the scene by selecting Unity à Edit à Play
  7. Decide whether you want an easy start or to do a standalone build and run the build in the Unity Editor. In both running games, choose “Play” to play against yourself.
  8. For a standalone build, make sure you rebuild Addressable Asset Groups before you run the game. To build content in the Editor, open the Addressable Groups window and select Build à New Build à Default Build Script
  9. Let the battle begin!

Are you ready to emerge victorious? Download Beamable today!

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