Have You Got What It Takes to Be King of the Ring? Beamable Announces New Sample Project

Have You Got What It Takes to Be King of the Ring? Beamable Announces New Sample Project

Sample projects are a great, hands-on way to familiarize yourself with various game creation and development platforms while having fun experimenting with different gameplay styles and strategies. To help you test out Beamable’s platform, we’ve created a variety of awesome sample projects.

Check out our latest sample project: King of the Ring. Have you got what it takes to win? This sample project is great for developers interested in creating competitive, multiplayer, battle royale style games.

You can attack with power and dodge with speed; the last player alive is the king of the ring! Other prefabs and features demonstrated in this project include virtual currency, inventory, store, and leaderboard. We hope you find this sample helpful and would be psyched to get your feedback!

What are the Rules of the Game?

Challenge between one and five of your friends! Only one of you will emerge victorious in this game!

Move your avatar by clicking where you want them to go. Collide with other players and attempt to push them out of the ring. Every time a player is successfully ousted from the ring, they lose shield points and ranking. The last player left inside the ring will be crowned King!

Will You Be the King of the Ring? Try Our Sample Project for Yourself

1. First, you will need to download the Multiplayer KOR Sample Project from GitHub.

2. Next, open the project in your Unity Editor (version 2020.3.11f1).

3. Now you need to open the project in the Beamable Toolbox.

4. Sign-in to your Beamable account (for more information, please review our guide on Getting Started). Now you’re ready to start playing!

5. Open the 1.Intro Scene.

6. You can play this Scene using Unity à Edit à Play

7. Do you want to play against the computer or against yourself?

a. Click “Start Game: Human vs. Bot” for an easy start.

b. Click “Start Game: Human vs. Human” to play against yourself.

8. Crush your opponents!

Ready to get started? Download Beamable today!

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