New Beamable Release Version 0.0.124

New Beamable Release Version 0.0.124

A new version of the Beamable Unity SDK went live this week. It is a bug fix release. Please update your Unity SDK package!

What’s New?

  • Inventory Client APIs now include Add and Remove operations for client-authoritative inventory content (i.e. currency, items that have the Write_self property set to true).
  • Portal now supports being logged in to multiple customer accounts at the same time.

Bug Fixes

  • Greeting Message text in Toolbox now wraps (visible on the first install in Unity 2018)
  • Cloud Saving functionality has been restored on the device (iOS and Android)
  • Leaderboard prefab is now properly seeded with sample leaderboard content
  • Tournament prefab now emits a human-readable message if the content is not specified in the game object.
  • Content Manager was erroneously reporting that content objects had changed under certain circumstances.
  • Login Flow prefab was erroring out on clicking the “Cancel” button when switching between player accounts.
  • Login Flow prefab “Remove” button for secondary player accounts was rendering as transparent rather than as solid on certain platforms.
  • Tournaments sample content created via the Content Manager now has a properly formatted ISO date string.
  • Content Manager no longer removes the first content object from the UI when a content object of the same type is deleted.
  • Toolbox no longer shows the “Logout” button when the developer is not logged in.
  • Cloud Saving DirectoryNotFoundException race condition when switching player accounts is fixed.
  • Tournaments content sample data now includes rankRewards.
  • Tournaments Prefab close button is now fixed.

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