New Feature: Cloud Saves

New Feature: Cloud Saves

At Beamable, we are constantly working with our customers to improve our capabilities. That will be what we are doing for the rest of our lives!

Beamable offers many features for a variety of use-cases, but there will always be room for game-specific player state which is client-authoritative. Cloud Saves fills that need, by offering a streamlined interface to write complex objects (JSON, binary, or whatever else within a 5MB limit per file), and back them up to the Beamable cloud for that player.

This is great if you want the game client to be the authority on writing the data, but also want that data to be synced across all the player’s devices. Cloud Saving also allows the developer to write public data which other players can view. This is a great vector for player generated content, which is viewable and shareable across the player community.

Check out Cloud Saves and our other features. And let us know what you think!

Photo by Alex Machado on Unsplash