New Features in the Beamable March Server Release

New Features in the Beamable March Server Release

We recently deployed a new set of changes and features to the Beamable backend. None of these changes impact the Unity SDK, but they represent new features available to all Beamable customers.

New Feature – Group Donations

Group Donations allows players of the same group/guild to donate currency to each other. A group member publishes a request for currency, and other players may contribute an amount up to a maximum. Donation requests also have a cooldown, which ensures that group members do not spam requests. Developers can specify what donations are allowed, as well as a variety of other constraints via Donations content.

  • Groups support players donating currency to each other
  • Groups support specifying allowed player donations via Donations Content

New Feature – VIP System

Developers can now define VIP Programs that entitle players to bonuses when they receive specific currencies. In a nutshell, VIP programs are defined as Content and track their progression via a designated currency (e.g. VIP points). Developers can then define multiple VIP Tiers, which players can qualify into (and disqualify from) based on specific thresholds. These Tiers in turn entitle players to multipliers on currencies they receive (e.g. 10% more). The VIP feature is automatically integrated with Inventory and Commerce/Offers.

  • New VIP System which supports multiple tiers and currency bonuses
  • Inventory update operations support an optional flag to apply or ignore VIP Bonuses (e.g. don’t apply VIP bonus when setting player currency from the portal)
  • Inventory supports automatically applying a VIP Bonus to currency updates if the player qualifies for a VIP Tier
  • Commerce supports automatically applying a VIP Bonus to offers if the player qualifies for a VIP Tier
  • Inventory API to preview what a currency grant will be with the player’s VIP bonus
  • Inventory API to get all VIP Bonus multipliers for a particular player


  • C# Microservices should have default auto-scaling rules
  • Matchmaking API supports subscribing to updates
  • Chat v2 supports subscribing to chat rooms via PlatformSubscribable
  • Inventory can support a starting amount of currency beyond zero through Currency Content
  • Inventory, when queried, returns all currencies that exist with an amount that is either the starting amount specified by the developer or 0
  • Inventory automatically sets Player Stats for currency amounts to facilitate targeting
  • Content service data uploading performance improvements
  • Trials support additional Stat “contains”, Stat “contains any” and Stat “contains all” operations
  • C# Microservice Orchestration supports infrastructure metrics collection and visualization
  • Content Service serves all data from the CDN domain (
  • Trials (Cloud Data) serves all data from the CDN domain (
  • Developers can set a Customer Alias “slug” (e.g. disruptorbeam) and use it in place of a numeric CID

Bug Fixes

  • Announcements: when multiple awards are claimed in bulk, that share the same symbol and quantity, are lost
  • Special Offer Store listing is not refreshing after cooldown when using time-override
  • Chat v1 private messages disappear
  • C#MS Requester errors appear after service has been running for a few hours.
  • Athena database name generation must be lowercase or it results in view creation failures
  • OpenAPI Docs missing query args for object routes
  • Facebook Games Graph Login flow flavor does not support name_format field leading to failure to login

Give Beamable a Try

Check out all these new features for free by downloading the Beamable SDK at and checking out our documentation and sample projects to get rolling.