Spooktober 2020: Three Scary Indie Games You Should Play on Halloween

Spooktober 2020: Three Scary Indie Games You Should Play on Halloween

2020 has been a rough year! A global pandemic, crazy wild fires, hurricanes, and political polarization around the world. But through it all, game creators are still creating, putting their art into the world for players to enjoy. Here we are in October, the season of spooky stories in an already spooky year! We took a moment to pick out a few spooky scary indie games that we think you’ll enjoy!

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth is a survival horror can and direct sequel to the fan-favorite game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This game has everything needed to scare the wits out of you.


According to Thomas Grip, the creative director at Frictional Games, “Rebirth has a new protagonist, a new storyline, and a completely new setting. There are no gimmicks and no invention of something brand new. This is Amnesia.” With this new release, the focus is on expanding the player audience by adding more story depth and not relying so heavily on jump scares.

You can find this game on the following platforms:

  1. Official Website
  2. Steam
  3. Playstation
  4. Epic Game Store

World of Horror

On the surface, World of Horror might seem like an odd pick due to its text-based narrative approach to a horror based role playing game, but there is a lot to like in this title. You will immediately pick up on the H.P Lovecraft influences woven in the work of horror manga artist Junji Ito during your game play.

You begin your rogue lite adventure in a weird town beset by twisted people and supernatural horrors.

The story unfolds like you are turning pages of a graphic novel, wherein your objective could lead you towards a school filled with murderous disfigured teachers (like having scissors for hands), or you might investigate an apartment of someone who is way too interested in eels (super creepy).


On your journey you will encounter numerous scenarios, meet allies, arm yourself, and fight strange creatures in a unique text-based system of combat. In the end, you will search for the cause terror in this town and put an end to it.

You can find this game on:

  1. Official Website
  2. Steam
  3. Itch.io
  4. Microsoft Store


Did you ever wonder what It would feel like to be a monster in a horror game? With Carrion, you get to live out your wildest dreams! (or maybe nightmares?) Carrion from Phobia Game Studio and is a refreshing take on a platformer title with inspiration from the 1984 John Carpenter movie The Thing.

You are given control of an amorphous monster with a one-track mind: devour everyone in sight, become a massive entity of horror, and take over the world. You begin the game by crawling around with fleshy tendrils pulling every human you can find into your hungry maw filled with razor-sharp teeth.


The character controls seem like they might be complicated (piloting a gelatinous mass in all directions) but the game is surprisingly responsive. Crawling through pipes to reach various game locations feels satisfying and the combat mechanics against the humans as they desperately fight back feels fun and intuitive.

Overall this game checks every box and would surely provide for some quality spooky time each Halloween.

You can find this game on:

  1. Official Website
  2. Steam
  3. Microsoft Store

Honorable mentions

There are so many horrifying games out there, so please check these other games out and support indie developers in their quest for the scary!

  1. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (Steam | Official Website)
  2. Someday You’ll Return (Steam | Official Website)
  3. Follia (Steam | Official Website)
  4. DreadOut 2 (Steam | Official Website)
  5. This is the Zodiac Speaking (Steam | Official Website)

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